LEGO Power Miners Review: Fire Blaster (8188)

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Minecraft is often called “LEGO for adults,” and I’m inclined to agree. Well, I also partially blame the game for getting me hooked back on these tiny toys. But to honor the greatest game I’ve played in a while, it made sense for me to pick up a mining LEGO set. The Power Miners seem awfully similar to the Rock Raiders of the late 90s, but LEGO always seems to be reinventing the past in better ways.

Jump over streams of molten magma with the Fire Blaster’s powerful engine, use the dynamite launcher to clear the way of volcanic rocks, and fire the water cannon to keep the hostile lava monster Combustix at bay!

The Fire Blaster is like some weird reversed fire engine – instead of being something that saves, it’s something that attacks. Mostly lime green for color, the Fire Blaster rolls around on four large tires. The cockpit is pretty sparse with only two levers as it folds over the drive.

Above each shoulder of the driver are two different weapons. One is a dynamite “launcher” that is just a LEGO dynamite attached to a Technic piece that can be flicked to “fire.” It doesn’t work all that well, but at least it looks good. The other piece is a gun with a blue flame attached to a long hose. This is where the Fire Blaster gets its name.

The hose runs all the way to the back of the vehicle where a blue dome is present to look like it’s full of water. A few stickers got applied like a pressure gauge and water level giving a better idea of what the vehicle is for. It’s a neat concept and makes sense for fighting monsters made of lava. A final sticker denotes this as “12,” which makes me thing a few more of these may have been destroyed in this underground war.

To drive this subterranean dune buggy, Rex is present from the Power Miners. Wearing a suit of fancy looking impact armor, he definitely looks ready for a fight. His helmet reminds me a lot of the Ice Planet visor but in silver. Rex’s face definitely looks like a battle-worn veteran. One face is him scowling, while the other side is him in fear. Rex also has two scars on his head, is missing part of an eyebrow and has a metal plate above his left eye.

The Lava Monster included in Combustix. Lava Monsters are a new kind of minifigure that reminds me a lot of Rock Lords. Slightly shorter than the regular LEGO figure, they’re only articulation is at the shoulders and having a hinged jaw. They’re spiky and asymmetrical and certainly look unique.

Combustix is cast in translucent yellow plastic with black paint to give him a rockier look. His eyes are also painted, but bright red. Lava Monsters are hollow and can store pieces inside of them – like the crystal both these figures seem to be after. The crystal is classic crystal shape that’s been around for awhile now, first originating in the Aquazone.

This little pack isn’t bad. Rex looks great in a suit of armor and a scarred face and Combustix is a fine little monster. The Fire Blaster isn’t shabby either, but feels a bit on the fragile side to me – but maybe that’s intentional since it’s clearly number 12.

Written by jestergoblin

January 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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