LEGO Pirates Review: Cannon Battle (6239)

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There are two universal truths in LEGO: pirates and medieval are always popular with children. So when I got back into LEGO sets, it’s not at all surprising that I could still find pirates and knights available in stores.

The pirate has found a treasure map, but the soldier wants it too! BOOM! The firing cannon blasts the wall to pieces. Will the soldier get the map, or does the pirate have a tricky plan to escape?

A small set, the Cannon Battle is little more than two figures with some extra big accessories. Both sides get evenly represented with a single pirate and a single Imperial solider. The pirate looks like how LEGO pirates have always looked, just with better paint. His brown legs and bare arms look fine for a sea-faring scallywag. But the paint on his torso really shows how LEGO has improved. His green and white striped shirt has a belt running across it and even has the stripes on the back! It’s impressed. His face is smirking and unshaved with his head topped off with a green bandana.

The Imperials have been plaguing the pirates for almost as long as I can remember. Modeled after the Redcoats, the Imperial Soldier looks a lot classier than the pirate. White pants with an ornate red jacket over a white button down shirt along with a satchel painted on his back. He also includes blue shoulder tassels and a fine tall black hat that also has paint applications in the form of a red feather and golden crest! His face is a well manicured beard and a devious smirk.

But pirates would be nothing without weaponry, and this set brings it. Two cutlasses are provided for some dueling along with a single brown musket which would make for some unfair fights. The other piece is a LEGO cannon that looks great set up on wheels. The cannon actually fires (since I grew up with non-firing ones, this made me ungodly excited). The cannon comes with two 1×1 round pegs to fire, along with a long torch for the Imperial (or maybe the pirate) to fire. The set also includes the treasure map they both want so badly.

The last piece is a simple stone wall overgrown with plants. But it’s made to be a breakaway wall so when the cannon is fired – BOOM! It shatters, leaving whoever was cowering behind vulnerable to the next attack. It’s a nice touch, but I prefer it when my LEGO sets actually stay together.

This set is a great little one since I’ve always been a fan of a “battles in a box.” A pirate, an imperial, a cannon and some rocky hideaway all over some treasure map? It’s a fantastic theme and a fantastic set.

Written by jestergoblin

December 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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