Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Playset – Avengers Super City with Iron Man & Spider-Man

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If you’re only going to get one of the two playsets, this is the one to get. It’s a fantastic super hero backdrop: the city construction site! Plus it comes with two of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe.

Villains are on a rampage around the city, and it’s up to Spider-Man and Iron Man to save the day! As the heroes zip through a construction site, they keep an eye out for any hidden evil-doers. Lucky for the Super Hero City the city’s most powerful protectors are on patrol.

Spider-Man is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad and this figure is no exception. Especially because this is the sixth time this figure has been released. Oddly enough, this version of Spider-Man is back in his movie costume, which means silver webbing instead of black. But this is a worthwhile change because the movie version of Spidey hasn’t been on the shelves in two years.

Spidey’s sporting the four points of articulation, which is above average for the line. Both arms, neck and waist are the big four. Plus he’s one of the few figures that has an open hand that can grip, while his other hand is in the iconic webshooting pose. All in all, one of the best Spider-Man figures out there.

The other figure is none other than Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. He’s repaint but a new one at least (unless you’re overseas and managed to find the Secret Invasion 4-pack). Iron Man is a repaint of the same figure that was first released back in Wave 2. It’s kind of his modern look, but not quite.

This version’s main differences include metallic paint and solid white eyes. The eyes were a bit unsettling at first because this figure was sculpted back when the line was more cartoony. His articulation includes the same four as Spider-Man. I would have preferred if the set came with the movie version of Iron Man painted in comic colors, but you can’t win them all.

Now there’s the city scape itself. Where the Danger Room was underpainted and awkwardly designs, this one works great as a display piece. A moving chain link door, multiple platforms, TWO billboard with walkways, a ladder and a crane combined with a decent looking city construction background – this is where super heroes fight!

The set works both from the inside and outside as a display piece with plenty of stuff and foot pegs all over the walls for Spidey. It’s better painted, better thought out and looks like where these guys should be! The only part of it that’s lacking is the paint and stickers. Another coat of paint and a few extra stickers could have really made this playset exceptional. Instead, it’s just really, really good.

As a collector’s backdrop, it fits perfectly from a style standpoint. For kids though, this is an amazing set. Both figures are the two biggest names Marvel has given the movies’ success. Grab an extra set with a bad guy, and this will truly shine. Throw in the fact that the playset is full of fun features, like a swinging crane and a missile launcher. This is the kind of toy I would have loved when I was little.

Super Hero Squad Playsets

Wave 1
Avengers Super City with Iron Man & Spider-Man
Danger Room with Wolverine & Sabretooth

Wave 2
Battle for Doom’s Castle with Dr. Doom & Iron Man

Wave 3
Crusaders of the Cosmos with Iron Man & Silver Surfer

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December 2nd, 2009 at 7:07 am

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