LEGO Minifigures Series 1 Review: Ninja (8683)

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Part of the appeal of the Collectible LEGO Minifigures is simply the fact that LEGO is going back to some classic lines of my youth and giving the figures slight updates. Like when the Castle theme decided to stick with the idea of being Feudal, but went to Japan instead.

“Like a shadow in the night, I – oops!”

Stealthy. Sneaky. A cunning master of martial arts. None of these things describes the Ninja, although he sure wishes they did. He tries his best to dramatically blend into the shadows or hide in plain sight like all the other ninjas can, but no matter what he does, he always seems to mess things up. The truth is that he’s just plain clumsy, and no matter how gracefully he may start a back-flip, creep along the rafters or launch himself into an epic sword battle, he always manages to trip over his own feet, fall off the ceiling, or bonk himself on the head with his ancient and mystical blade. Also, he’s afraid of the dark.

No one is quite sure how the Ninja ever managed to graduate from ninja school. But no matter how bad he may be at his chosen profession, he always keeps trying and never gives up, convinced after each blunder that the next time, he will prove himself a true ninja warrior for the ages.

The black LEGO ninja hasn’t changed much since his first release twelve years ago; he’s got mostly the same look. Then again, the idea of a ninja and the look of LEGO figures means he can’t really change that much. Decked out in all black, the ninja’s arms, hands and legs are monochromatic.

His torso has some light gray painted applications to show off his belt and clothes. It’s not much, but adds more than just having plain black torso. The face is angry, with wrinkles around the eyes and large eyebrows. Like all LEGO figures, his articulation is standard but his mask prevents his face from really moving.

For accessories, the ninja comes with his black mask, two golden katanas and the display stand. The mask hasn’t changed and still includes the clasp in the back for an accessory to be store. His twin katanas are long – as tall as the figure himself! It all looks very ninja-y, but the sword color seems kind of odd.

Since this is the most basic of updates of a figure I already owned, he isn’t super exciting to me. But for kids and collectors who missed out on the Ninja theme last time around, this is a fantastic little figure.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 #86833
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Written by jestergoblin

December 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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