LEGO Harry Potter Review: Quidditch Match (4737)

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I absolutely adore Harry Potter. After reading the second book in the back of my family’s car while driving to a wedding on Cape Cod, I’ve been addicted to the Boy who Lived. And with this year being the first time buying LEGO while Harry Potter themed sets have been available, I’ve been devouring them. And then DocFairDay over at the Hasbro Heroes Forum went way above and beyond during a Secret Santa event, so this review is entirely dedicated to the good Doctor!

Marcus Flint and the Slytherin team are winning! Gryffindor’s only chance to win is if Harry Potter is the first Seeker to catch the Golden Snitch! Beat the bludgers away, soar through goal posts, a tower or over the stands, fire catapults, catch the Snitch, then fly away through the Ravenclaw Tower with the trophy!

Quidditch is the imaginary sport (not to be confused with Muggle Quidditch) created J.K. Rowling that was suddenly dropped after the sixth book when she realized she didn’t want to write them anymore. With made up rules that make almost as little sense as economics in the Wizarding world, Quidditch is a game played on flying broomsticks where three chasers on each side toss the quaffle into hoops guarded by a keeper that act as goals on each end of the pitch worth 10 points.

Two beaters per team are given bats slightly shorter than baseball bats to beat bludgers, which are slightly smaller than the quaffle to hit other players – kind of like dodge ball but more dangerous. Finally each team has a seeker who searches the pitch for the snitch, a small golden ball with wings about the size of a walnut. The game ends when the snitch is caught, and it earns the team 150 points making the rest of the game almost entirely arbitrary.

LEGO set 4737 Quidditch Match is set during Harry’s second or third year at Hogwarts based on the fact that Marcus Flint is playing and Draco Malfoy is also on the team. Made up of 153 pieces, the set is very easy to build and includes three goal hoops of different heights, a Ravenclaw-colored spectator tower, two bludger launchers, a chest to keep the balls in and a trophy stand with the Quidditch Cup on it.

Each hoop stands at a different height, but all of them are technically about six to eight inches too short to really be in scale. Just alternating tan and brown for the stands, along with golden hoops that aren’t quite as symmetrical as they should be, but they are fine LEGO versions.

To watch the game from a 7-inch tall tower is included decked out in the movie Ravenclaw colors of light gray and blue. The rest is made to look like wood and it works fine. Holders on each side allow for broomsticks to be stored when not in use. My only complaint is that the other three houses aren’t represented, but that would quickly take this set out of the $20 price tag.

The trophy stand is simple with just gold and wood colors to display the giant Quidditch Cup – which is about the size of a LEGO minifigure! Two banners are blowing behind it, one red for Gryffindor and one green for Slytherin.

To play Quidditch the set comes with a treasure chest that can hold two black bludgers, one red quaffle and the golden snitch. The set also includes two helmets for any of the more cowardly players to wear along with two bats for the beaters that aren’t included in the set. Both teams also get a catapult in their colors to launch bludgers.

This set also includes five different minifigures: Harry Potter and Oliver Wood playing for Gryffindor, Marcus Flint and Draco Malfoy for Slytherin and Madam Hooch to referee the match. Harry and Oliver are wearing identical uniforms of their red and gold sweaters with a lion crest, white pants, gloves and a cloak. I don’t know why a Quidditch player would need to wear a cloak though. Both of them also come with a brown broom. Sadly, they can only hold the brooms and can’t actually ride them.

Oliver is sporting brown hair with a part that looks fine. His face may not be as handsome as some female fans would like, but given the limitations of LEGO designs – it’s good enough for the Gryffindor captain and keeper.

Harry’s head has two faces – angry and happy. His round glasses look fine (and they’re not taped so Hermione must have fixed them). His scar is bright red and partially hidden by his long hair.

On the Slytherin side, it’s more of the same with both figures being identical from the neck down. But instead they’re wearing green and silver sweaters with a snake crest and green cloaks. Both come with black brooms, most likely Nimbus 2001s bought by Draco’s father. Marcus has the same hair as Oliver but in black and his face is appropriate hideous with a giant, tooth bearing grin and overbearing eyebrows. Harry thought he looked like he had some troll blood in him when he first saw the chaser.

Draco the Slytherin Seeker has his absolutely awful hair that is far too accurate to the films with it completely combed back and a prominent widow’s peak. Like Harry, his head has a different face on both sides. One shows him with a great “my dad is rich” smirk, while the other is him with rocks in his stomach since he clearly failed to catch the snitch.

The last figure is the broom riding instructor at Hogwarts and the usual referee of Quidditch at the school – Madam Hooch. Wearing a referee uniform that’s a cloak and fine black suit with a golden H on it and chains for what look to be attached to a pocket watch, she’s the best dressed referee I’ve ever seen. Her windswept hair looks perfect.

Described as having eyes like a hawk, Hooch features prominent amber eyes. Her head also has two faces, one wearing goggles and one without.

The only issue I really have with this set (besides being only half the field) is the fact that there’s no way to make these figures look like they’re flying for display purposes. I have no idea how LEGO would have been able to do it either, but for fans of the franchise this is a great set that reminds me if I were to have any actual interest in sports, Quidditch would be my favorite.

Lego Harry Potter
Quidditch Match 4737

with Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Marcus Flint & Madam Hooch
Freeing Dobby 7436
with Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy & Dobby
Hagrid’s Hut 4738
with Harry, Ron, Hermonie, Hagrid & Aragog
The Burrow 4840
with Harry, Ginny, Arthur, Molly, Bellatrix Lestrange & Fenrir Greyback
Hogwarts Castle 4842
with Harry, Hermione, McGonagall, Flitwick, Dumbledore, Filch, Snape, Lord Voldemort and two Dementors
Forbidden Forest 4865
with Harry Potter, Hagrid, Narcissa Malfoy & Lord Voldemort
Battle at Hogwarts 4867
Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Remus Lupin, Professor Sprout, Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, Gregory Goyle & a Dementor

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December 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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