LEGO Minifigure Series 1 Review: Demolition Dummy (8683)

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I don’t know how it happened, but I remember being enamored by the Incredible Crash Test Dummies line of toys. I mean, they were toys that were meant to be destroyed, how is that not totally awesome? So while LEGO calls this guy a “Demolition Dummy,” I know what he really is.

“Disassemble! Demolish! Deconstruct!”

The Demolition Dummy exists to take things apart. He is compelled to disassemble everything that he comes across into its component parts, leaving piles of pieces behind wherever he goes. Although he doesn’t seem to be very bright or creative, he is extremely persistent, and it’s difficult to stop him once he starts trying to deconstruct something. No matter what anyone else does, he always seems to find a way to accomplish his task.

Having the Demolition Dummy and the Robot in the same place together is like watching a perpetual motion machine – one constantly builds while the other un-builds, over and over again. No one really knows what motivates the Demolition Dummy to take everything he sees apart, but he certainly seems happy about it when he’s done…until he spots the next thing to disassemble, and then off he goes!

Demolition Dummy is a LEGO crash test dummy through and through. Cast in yellow plastic, he’s covered in black and yellow circles and odd lines showing off that he isn’t human. His empty eyes and straight mouth are vacant and lack expression. An opening in his torso shows off his metallic insides too.

Sadly, Demolition Dummy doesn’t come with a vehicle to crash. But he still comes with some extra pieces. Like always, there’s the 4×3 display stand to show off the figure on. But he also comes with a license plate with “PA7 70” which must mean something but I haven’t a clue what.

He also comes with a black wrench. This piece isn’t anything new but I’ve recently learned its true purpose. The wrench part is the same size as a LEGO peg but the bottom of the handle is chiseled into a flat tip. This tip can be used to remove LEGO tile pieces from bases!

A Demolition Dummy isn’t super exciting, but given how often LEGO uses City figures as a theme, it makes sense to finally show how the Firefighters and policemen train. If he had been cast in blue plastic though, he’d be a great LEGO Doctor Manhattan.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 #86833
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Robot | Zombie | Ninja | Spaceman
Super Wrestler | Forestman | Skater | Nurse
Demolition Dummy | Magician | Cowboy | Deep Sea Diver

Written by jestergoblin

January 30th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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