LEGO Minifigure Series 1 Review: Skater (8683)

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Not every LEGO set can be an awesome caveman, or an undead scourge or even a giant robot bent on mass destruction. But what fun would a time displaced caveman be if there weren’t some average people for him to attack? If Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure taught me anything, it’s that you need every day people for them to interact with!

“Bet you can’t do THIS!”

The young Skater practices all the time to be the greatest skateboarder in the world. He lives for speed and tricky stunts, and when he’s around, any and every surface becomes his own private skate park. His board is his prize possession, and he always makes sure to keep it clean and shiny, even when he gets totally grungy himself.

The Skater is extremely competitive, and he can’t stand to see anyone do something better or faster than he does. His rivalry isn’t just limited to other skateboarders – he’ll try to out-race trains and out-jump pigeons flying in the park, just to prove he can. He hasn’t beaten them yet, but he’s sure he will some day!

This set makes me feel like an old man because when I opened him I just thought the kid needs to cut his hair, get a job and buy some real clothes! Then I went back to yelling at kids on my lawn. The Skater looks so hip and modern, I expect him to be out of date in a few years.

Wearing a sand green hoodie with a skull and crossbones emblazoned on the front, oddly it isn’t the same logo as the Pirates line. His legs are navy and look like jeans far more than the bright blue shade normally used.

Skater’s face looks young, youthful and far too smug for his own good. With a half smile and raised eyebrow, he looks like he needs to suffer a horrible accident to bring him down a peg or three. His hair is so close to emo it isn’t even funny. Black, shaggy and covering part of his face, it looks so right.

For an accessory, he comes with the standard black display stand. But more exciting is his blue skateboard. With two pegs on top for him to ride on it and wheels that spin freely, it actually works. Of course since he’s such a rebel, he doesn’t even bother wearing a helmet!

This figure makes me feel out of touch with the kids. He’s a fine civilian and should be crushed by a large robot running amok. But I’m sure those younger than I am will love this figure.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 #86833
Cheerleader | Caveman | Clown | Tribal Hunter
Robot | Zombie | Ninja | Spaceman
Super Wrestler | Forestman | Skater | Nurse
Demolition Dummy | Magician | Cowboy | Deep Sea Diver

Written by jestergoblin

January 4th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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