LEGO Minifigure Review Series 1: Nurse (8683)

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Maybe I grew up watching too much Batman the Animated Series, but I always see super villains in the most mundane figures. To most people, this figure probably belongs in a hospital saving lives. But all I see is a sociopath waiting for her chance to inject you with god-knows-what.

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel all better after this!”

Cheerful, professional and devoted to making people feel better, the Nurse believes that everybody around her ought to be as healthy as possible at all times, even if that means covering them from head to toe in bandages and checking every reflex in their body with a little rubber hammer. She can tape up a boo-boo, dash to the scene of an accident with a wheelchair or build a fully-functional MRI machine out of random spare pieces, all in a dizzying blur of motion…whether her chosen patient wants her to or not!

The Nurse thinks that every problem can be solved by expert medical care. If she sees a child crying because its balloon is stuck up in a tree, she’ll try everything from checking its temperature to taking X-rays, trying more and more complicated procedures when nothing seems to solve the problem. She doesn’t understand why the tears stop as soon as she gives the child a new balloon for being such a good patient, but she’s proud and delighted that her treatment worked anyway.

But maybe the nurse isn’t a member of the Evil League of Evil with Bad Horse; she could just be a poor victim from the impending LEGO zombie outbreak or even the person who discovers the curve. Hell, she might actually be a doctor, not a nurse!

The nurse is wearing white scrubs. Only her torso is painted with black curves to give her a female figure and some extra lines to endow her. The scrubs have blue touches on the collar and pockets to add some color. She even has a blue pen painted on above her left breast pocket!

The nurse’s face is a new one for a female LEGO figure that looks surprisingly disinterested, like she’s waiting for her shift to end so she can go home. The shade of pink used on the lips is subtle and world’s better than the usual shade of red. For hair, she’s got a new brown ponytail piece.

While the Pop Star also came with double accessories, at least here they make sense. The nurse comes with the black display stand, EKG readout on a clipboard and two brand new syringes! The readout is on a white tile piece and is for someone named “Dawes.” It shows a major spike in the middle. The syringes are new LEGO accessories that are great. Figures can hold them either by the handle or by the cylinder. The hypodermic needle has a rounded tip, but there’s no mistaking these light gray pieces.

At the most basic level, the nurse is an essential LEGO civilian figure. But the addition of the syringes makes her a lot of fun. Sure, toys that look like someone is using drugs are probably frowned upon, but I see her as some villain working together with the Scarecrow to poison the citizens of LEGO-opolis. Or maybe I’m just weird.

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Written by jestergoblin

January 23rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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