LEGO Minifigure Series 1 Review: Deep Sea Diver 8683

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Nowadays, LEGO sets are pretty exciting with underwater themes about opening portals to Atlantis but that wasn’t always the case. Especially after LEGO released the Divers line which managed to combine the thrill of aquatic exploration with pure boringness of LEGO City sets.

“Blub blurb glub?”

The Deep Sea Diver seems like a nice enough fellow, but no one can tell for sure, because no one can understand what he’s saying. Whenever he speaks, all that comes out is burbles and bubbles. He might be easier to understand if he ever took off his diving mask and air tank, but he thinks that he can’t breathe without them and always keeps them on, even when he’s walking around on land – which is a pretty funny sight, thanks to those big flippers on his feet!

The Deep Sea Diver loves the water and can often be found swimming around in fish tanks and bathtubs, hoping to spot rare and exotic fish. He loves to tell stories about his amazing undersea adventures, but of course it’s impossible to guess what he’s actually talking about. His gestures and sound effects certainly make it all sound very exciting, though!

The LEGO Deep Sea Diver returns to the boringness of the LEGO Divers, but at least he’s gotten a costume update. Wearing a black and blue wetsuit with orange highlights, the figure is definitely more colorful than you’d expect. His blue legs with an orange waist don’t have any paint on them, while his blue torso is painted up with a weighted belt and a new insignia of a single blue wave. It’s simple, but works well. Like always, the paint work is impeccable. His arms are plain black.

The head has a fantastic amount of character in it. Large eyebrows and sunken cheeks make the figure look like he’s been around the block for the few times – he might even be one of the original Divers! But his black eyes have a little twinkle that works so well with his half smile.

For accessories, this diver is ready for some serious scuba action. He comes with the scuba air tank in orange that includes a piece around the neck like a breathing aparatus. His orange flippers match the tank too. The blue helmet includes a transparent snorkle mask that looks good, but the whole helmet and snorkle combination doesn’t quite work for me. Also included is the black display stand, which he can’t use when he’s wearing his flippers. Sadly, LEGO didn’t bust out the harpoon guns.

The Diver has a tiny bit of nostalga for me. I remember buying a few small sets in 5th grade at Toyland in Yarmouth, but they were never sets I was crazy about. The diver is the same thing all over again. He’s well made, but in a world of squidmen and sharkpeople, a diver just feels bland.

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March 4th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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