Super Hero Squad Review: Crusaders of the Cosmos

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The latest Super Hero Squad Playset has finally been spotted in retail after a year and a day since I found the last one. We’ve seen a city, we’ve seen a castle and we’ve seen the Danger Room – but there’s still one place we haven’t gone: space! And of course, Iron Man wants to come along there too.

Two of the most powerful beings in the universe team up to defend earth from cosmic doom! Iron Man is a living weapon with the might of Earth’s most advanced technology at his fingertips. The Silver Surfer has the Power Cosmic at his command, and he can manipulate matter to his will. Together, this team can defeat anything!

That is the biggest lie. Two of the most powerful characters in Marvel and Iron Man somehow makes the top? Over Galactus and Thanos? Come on! But Iron Man feels the need to inject himself into nearly every playset he can.

A repaint of the classic Iron Man in the Face Off 4-pack, Tony is looking great in his brand new gold and ruby armor. The paint is very similar to Iron Man 2020, but the shiny red paint looks incredible. What makes the paint really work are the blue touches on his eyes, reactor and repulsors. It’s light, bright and contrasts beautifully.

Tony’s sculpt is still well done with him blasting off from the ground. Of course, this suit of armor doesn’t make much sense given the simple fact that it looks like fabric around the muscles. Iron Man moves at the waist, shoulders and wrists.

The herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer makes a lot more sense in this set than Iron Man. A repack of his wave 3 release, Silver Surfer has one major difference: his surfboard is an accessory! It’s detachable this time around but the pegs are a different size so no one else can ride his sweet board, thus keeping my dream of Doom riding a surfboard far from reality.

Completely unarticulated, Silver Surfer is a fine figure and getting any of the older figures back out is great since this figure hasn’t been on shelves in nearly four years and the last Silver Surfer just didn’t do it for me! The only paint on the figure is the eyes, which are solid white but now have silver pupils for some reason.

But the big draw of this playset is the playset itself. Some weird alien home world, probably Kree or Skrull since there is a giant Galactus looming in the background and he seems to enjoy devouring those planets. But the whole playset is some odd, ethereal world that doesn’t look like a city – it’s just an amalgam of geometric shapes, a portal, a massive gun and Galactus waving in the background.

While the playset doesn’t make a lot of sense from a Marvel continuity sense, it’s still a mighty fine battleground! The ground level is gray with a ton of applied stickers, showing off the illuminated floor and some mysterious tentacles breaking through the drains. A massive portal shows Hepzibah jumping through, maybe an allusion to her finally getting released?

A gun-covered computer console hides a trapdoor and provides a mounting space for a massive, spring loaded missile launcher. It’s leaps and bounds better than the old rocket launchers. On the other side is a spinning platform that doesn’t really like to spin and is supported by two columns of a blue and yellow gate that looks kind of like fire.

The giant Galactus is loosely attached allowing him to move freely. His hand is at the perfect height to knock any figure off the platform in a fit of rage. The building that Galactus is clutching looks Kirby-esque, but nothing else in the pack looks like it sadly. And since it’s unpainted, it will probably be unnoticed. There’s also a single missile supported by a cloud of smoke heading straight at the world devourer.

Like all the folding playsets, this one also includes a neon connector, that in theory would allow you to attach playsets together but it doesn’t look great since none of the playsets make sense connected. The paint is decent from the front, but the back doesn’t have any paint at all. And almost all of the color, besides Galactus, comes from the color of the plastic.

This playset is downright weird. It looks like some weird alien world, but is named “Crusaders of the Cosmos” instead of something like “Galactus Attacks!” And another Iron Man? That really doesn’t make any sense in a cosmic context. But it’s a fun set that adds something new. But if Galactus wasn’t present, this would work fine for any alien world.

Super Hero Squad Playsets

Wave 1
Avengers Super City with Iron Man & Spider-Man
Danger Room with Wolverine & Sabretooth

Wave 2
Battle for Doom’s Castle with Dr. Doom & Iron Man

Wave 3
Crusaders of the Cosmos with Iron Man & Silver Surfer

Written by jestergoblin

December 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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