LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest Review: Golden Staff Guardians (7306)

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The cyclical nature of LEGO has returned once again. Or LEGO just decided to stop paying so much for the Indiana Jones license and figure they could go back to knocking him off like they did with the original Adventurers line.

Mac McCloud races towards the temple on his motorcycle in search of 1 of the Pharaoh Amset-Ra’s 6 treasures, the golden staff. Gain access to the staff with dynamite and stay one step ahead of the mummies!

The newest LEGO theme, Pharaoh’s Quest, is an updated take on the dessert adventuring Adventurers line, only with much more emphasis on the supernatural this time around. And evidently someone at LEGO really likes the idea of collecting things – Atlantis has the Keys and now Pharaoh’s Quest has Amset-Ra’s six treasures.

Mac may be the most unlucky adventurer in the world. If there’s a trap, he’ll spring it. If there’s a pit full of scorpions, he’ll fall into it. He’s had plenty of bad experiences with quicksand, too. Fortunately, as the team’s expert mechanic, driver and demolitions specialist, he’s also got the inventive know-how to build, drive or blast his way out of almost any bad situation. With just a wrench and a roll of tape, Mac can keep a vehicle rolling when anybody else would have sent it to the junk heap. After all of his bad luck and misadventures, almost nothing can rattle Mac – but treasure-stealing mummies and giant stone monsters might just do the trick!

Mac McCloud continues the homage to the original Adventurers line by having a weather-themed name (remember Johnny Thunder?). Mac looks like he’s had better days. Disheveled and scruffy, Mac’s sporting a shiner next to his right eye and multiple stains on his tank top.

The paint on the figure looks great with little details like the clips on his suspenders to the hair under his arms. His helmet and goggles give him an appropriate old-timey look too.

To get around, Mac comes with a maroon motorcycle that you actually have to build. The headlights, taillight and weapons rack are all made up of pieces but it’s simple and easy to do. The bike looks fantastic though. For weapons, Mac comes with a dark gray rifle and four sticks of dynamite tied together.

The Pharaoh’s mummy warriors are driven by one all-consuming purpose: to find the lost treasures of Amset-Ra and return them to their master before he reawakens. They will do whatever it takes to fulfill their mission, and woe unto anyone or anything that gets in their way! The mummies may be strong, but their slow-witted single-mindedness makes them easy for a clever adventurer to trick or trap. Unfortunately, they tend to travel in packs!

I love these two minifigures. Identical in every way, they look great and work so well as pair. Wearing tattered gray bandages with a blue skirt and a black headdress, they look like mummies. The golden pectorals around the neck and belt add some nice color but the real reason I love these is for the head. The heads feature two faces, one on each side. The first one is entirely bandaged except for a single, glowing red eye peaking out. The other face is more exposed with both eyes leering and a lipless mouth grinning.

For weapons, both mummies come with identical swords and shields. The swords are scimitar-like with a curved blade that really sets them apart from the Ninja katanas or Castle swords. The shields are made to look like scarabs and are delightfully Egyptian. Both weapons are cast in dark gray.

The built part of the set is shrine for the Golden Staff. One of the six pieces, the staff itself is nicely ornate in gold plastic and has a hole in the top for a gem to be inserted. The shrine itself is relatively plain. Sandy yellow and navy blue are the main colors and a single green plant breaks up the symmetry of it all. For an odd action feature, the golden knob behind the staff is actually attached to a Technic rod which allows you to send the staff flying. It’s an odd action feature, but the shrine area is a fine backdrop.

Clocking in at 70 pieces, this isn’t the biggest set in the world but when a single collectible minifigure now goes for $3 a pop, this is suddenly looking like a much better deal. Mac is a fine figure and his motorcycle is great, but the mummy warrior twins steal the show for me. But I know I’m biased because I love the original Pharaoh Hotep.

Written by jestergoblin

January 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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