LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Review: Space Villain (8803)

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I have a hard time picking what my favorite LEGO theme of all time is. Part of me absolutely adores the swords and sorcery Castle theme, but I can’t get enough of the swashbuckling Pirates. Then I get sucked into intergalactic space battles. I guess what I really want is just a bunch of pirates fighting wizards in space. Good thing LEGO lets you do that.

“There’s no villainy like space villainy!”

As a member of a shadowy criminal organization feared throughout the seven galaxies, the Space Villain really knows his outer space bad-guy stuff. He can hotwire a rocket neutron drive in zero-G, melt through solid plasmodic hypersteel with his nova-ray blaster, and sneak past a FuturonCorp security-bot in under 3.6 quarkoids, all while blindfolded.

Of course, full-time space villainy isn’t easy. Over the stellar cycles, the Space Villain has lost an eye in a warpship chase over Spyrius IV, misplaced a leg in the meteor mines of the Insectoid hivefleet, and he thinks his right arm might be somewhere at the other end of a black hole. Still, he wouldn’t give up his job for all the quasar rubies in the M-Tron Nebula…which just so happen to be the very next thing he’s planning to steal!

Holy continuity, Batman! LEGO managed to toss in nearly three decades worth of Space-themed lore into a single figure’s bio. But mentioning Blacktron, Futuron, Spyruis, Insectoids and M-Tron in two paragraphs, that’s so many different kinds of awesome.

While Space Villain isn’t the most exciting name given to a LEGO figure, it leaves plenty open for the history of this rogue. Obviously an adversary of Spaceman, this figure is excellent.

First off, the legs – this guy has a metal peg leg! The original legs of Captain Redbeard from Pirates, his wooden leg is now in dark gray and it makes a world of difference in how you think of it. This is clearly a guy who has had some rough experiences. His right arm looks like it was taken from the Robot and continues the trend of something horrible happening to the right side of this figure.

The torso is appropriately generic techno babble except for a tiny addition – his chest emblem is the Blacktron Future logo! Much like Spaceman getting the Futuron logo, this is a beautiful callback that really shows how much history LEGO has.

The face is great too. His mouth is grimacing and his left eye is furrowed in rage. But the right quadrant of his fact is all mechanical with a giant, red glowing eye. It’s absolutely perfect.

For accessories, Space Villain gets evil copies of everything Spaceman had. His ray gun is dark gray and comes with a red laser beam coming out of his. His helmet is black with a yellow visor – another callback to Blacktron color scheme. Like all collectible minifigures, he also comes with the black display piece.

The only complaint I have about this figure is that he’s by himself and not part of some sweeping LEGO Space epic story that is slowly being built up with these LEGO figures. The idea that the LEGO Space story has continued for the last 30 years and now Blacktron is a race of cyborgs? Good lord, that is beyond awesome just like this figure.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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January 5th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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