LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Mummy (8803)

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Somebody at LEGO must really like the undead. LEGO skeletons and ghosts have been common for years, the current theme of Pharaoh’s Quest is fully of mummies and the latest Ninjago has ninjas fighting skeletons! And keeping with the trend set by the Vampire, LEGO is continuing their tour of Universal Studios.


The Mummy’s favorite thing to do is put ancient mummy curses on people. He just loves it when you wake up with slimy frogs in your bed, or suddenly find your shoelaces tied together, or have your toast always fall on the floor with the butter-side down.

But the Mummy doesn’t really mean any harm, and he’d be surprised if he ever found out that people thought he was being mean to them. As far as he knows, putting curses on people is just what mummies are supposed to do!

If it weren’t for the paint, the LEGO Mummy would just be a plain white figure. But the paint work here is rather impressive. The mummy is painted all over from the sides of his arms and legs to even his back. All the bandages are tattered and leave parts of the Mummy’s green flesh exposed. It also shows off some odd stitching.

The face has large, pale green eyes staring out with a stitched up mouth full of spite. All in all, the paint is very well done but it is kind of odd that the feet aren’t bound up at all.

For accessories the set includes the 4×3 display stand and a scorpion. The LEGO scorpion is cast in brick red instead of the regular black. It’s not terribly exciting but makes sense as an Egyptian-themed accessory.

The mummy isn’t super exciting simply because of the Pharaoh’s Quest line which also has mummies running around. But I’m not one to be disappointed by adding to my legion of LEGO undead. He looks good and the paint is fantastic, but a mummy is a mummy. But at least we knew what he looked like before he died.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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Fisherman | Samurai Warrior | Mummy | Hula Dancer
Space Alien | Tennis Player | Rapper | Pilot
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Written by jestergoblin

January 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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