LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Rapper (8803)

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Upon assembling this figure, three different family members commented that it looked like my Uncle Dennis. After the Thanksgiving when Uncle Dennis showed up in a powder blue velour jump suit, matching Air Jordans, a Bluetooth headset and enough gold chains to drown a hippo… well, it was an interesting Thanksgiving from what I remember.

“If you’ve got the time, I’ve got a rhyme!”

The Rapper is a genius master of rhyming. He’s come up with rhymes for tricky words like “tugboat,” “larynx” and “zookeeper,” and he once even won a prize for finding a rhyme for “orange”.

He may not be a huge music celebrity yet, but the Rapper won’t give up until he’s made all of his dreams of success a reality. And as long as he never gets stumped on a rhyme, he’s sure to make it happen someday soon!

If you thought the LEGO Pop Star was bad, the LEGO rapper turns it up to 11 (I’m going to hate myself for using this one someone who isn’t the LEGO Rock Star figure). The Rapper is… awful. He’s every single stereotype thrown together to make a figure that oozes character in the worst way possible. No one in my LEGO-verse is going to think he’s some quintuple-platinum artist. If anything, he’s more like Spose and that’s awesome.

It’s hard to even decide where to begin describing this figure. Everything about him is so over the top but perfectly executed. Little touches really make this figure exceptional. His waist piece shows off his underwear, while his god-awful studded belt rests below his hips. Yes, this is a LEGO figure with pants almost on the ground.

His wallet is kept in place by a single silver chain while he’s just wearing a plain white t-shirt. A giant metal chain with a medallion marked with the money symbol weighs heavily on his chest.

But the face is so enragingly absurd. This guy has a perfectly manscaped chinstrap beard with the tiniest soul patch that reaches his mouth. His teeth are golden, clearly he’s wearing a grill with a lop sided smirk. His eyes are hidden behind shutter shades. He’s even got an eyebrow ring in his left eyebrow! How much effort did someone go into for this single figure?

For accessories, the Rapper comes out miles ahead of most figures. He’s got the standard black display stand for starters. His microphone is golden. He’s got a new kind of LEGO baseball cap that’s more detailed and actually has a bent rim. It’s black and gold with a LEGO head emblazoned on the front. His final accessory is his boom box which is pure genius.

The boom box is made of a 3×1 LEGO brick, so the bottom part connects perfectly to any other bricks. The top has two pegs and a handle in the middle for it to be easily carried around as well. Instead of just being painted with buttons, a tape deck and speakers – the speakers are sculpted into the side of it! It’s remarkable!

On one hand, I hate everything about this figure. The shutter glasses, the grill, the low pants and the hideous overuse of gold. But I’ve got to hand it to LEGO because this guy is perfectly executed in ways I never would have imagined. LEGO really went above and beyond all expectations I had. So while I hate everything that this figure represents, he’s one of, if not the, best executed LEGO figures ever.

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Written by jestergoblin

February 15th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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