LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Baseball Player (8803)

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The last few of the Collectible LEGO minifigures (from both series 2 and 3) have been a challenge to review. I have no issue talking about cavemen, samurais and cyborg space pirates but trying to talk about baseball? Well, that’s not something I know much about.

“Let’s get out there and give ‘em a great game!”

To the Baseball Player, nothing is as important as good teamwork. He memorizes all of his team’s game strategies, pays close attention to the coach’s signals, and does his best to help win no matter what position he’s playing. It’s not about personal fame or the number of home runs he hits – it’s about everybody having a good time on the field, and giving the crowd in the stands a terrific game to watch.

The Baseball Player isn’t just a professional athlete; he’s a big fan of the sport, too. He has an ever-growing collection of baseball memorabilia, from Bob Battingsley’s original rookie card to the signed bat of the world-famous “Brick” Ruth himself. But his top favorite is his mint-in-package collection of historic baseball stadium hot dogs. He’s almost got the complete set!

All of my personal experience involving baseball can be summed up in three stories. As a young kid, I remember having Grand Slammin’ Raphael until I forgot him at Portland Head Light after being harassed by a seagull that ate my clam cake. Then years later, my freshmen year of high school we played baseball in gym and my gym teacher was a lefty so some of us less-skilled players couldn’t hide in right field. And then I vaguely remember going to a Portland Sea Dogs game in high school on a date. It was boring.

And that’s about it, sure there were some awesome parties when the Red Sox won in ’04 and ’07, but that’s just partying to party.

Back to the figure, the LEGO Baseball Player looks like a baseball player. Wearing a white uniform with red pinstripes down the front, the look is appropriately generic. Sadly, there’s no paint application his his back, arms or legs. His legs are white with a black belt painted on the waist, and the team name “Clutchers” is emblazed across the chest. The name is in reference to the hand design on LEGO figures, but I’m surprised they weren’t called “Bricks” or “Bricklayers.”

The face isn’t terribly exciting with pronounced eyebrows and a smile. It’s a modern take on the classic LEGO head and works well enough. All the standard LEGO articulation is there as well and none of it is blocked by his design.

For accessories, the Baseball player comes with his red and white cap which is the same style as the one the Rapper has. His baseball bat is a new piece that’s white, but mostly painted brown except for the wrapped handle. There’s no ball included, but a display stand is also present.

For kids who actually like sports, this is a fine figure. All the elements of being a baseball player are there and he works great for that. But the LEGO figure design prevents him from being able to hold the bat properly which is a shame. For someone like me, I guess he works as a Sportsmaster stand-in, but there just isn’t much for me to say about a real sport.

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Written by jestergoblin

March 11th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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