LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Review: Samurai Warrior (8803)

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Years ago LEGO did a geographical shift with their medieval line and left feudal Europe and arrived in feudal Japan. It was packed full of ninja and samurai, but those sets were years ago. So while the concept of a LEGO samurai isn’t new to me, it’s great that LEGO is returning there.

“A sword is only as strong as the heart that wields it.”

The Samurai Warrior is a legendary champion, famous for both his skill with the sword and his deep sense of honor. He will never break a promise or refuse to help a stranger in need, and the only reward he ever accepts for his noble deeds is a nice cup of hot tea afterwards.

The Samurai Warrior’s only problem is that he’s so extremely serious all the time. You can try telling him a joke, showing him a funny picture or even tickling him, but he’ll never even crack a smile. It’s rumored that he once laughed at one of the Circus Clown’s gags, but if you ask him, he’ll absolutely deny it!

The Samurai Warrior is your standard LEGO figure. His legs, waist, torso and arms are all cast in maroon plastic with black hands and a yellow head. But this figure really shows how LEGO is going above and beyond with these collectible minifigures. While the Samurai will usually be dressed in armor, he’s even more impressive looking without it.

The legs and waist are painted to look like overlapping thatched armor. A golden sash runs across his stomach and the front of his silk robe is decorated with golden flowers. It’s stunningly well done and completely unnecessary since the only part of his chest that’s visible with armor on is his black undershirt.

The face does a fantastic job of looking serious with some facial hair that would make Mr. Sinister proud. Bushy eyebrows, a mustache, a soul patch and a beard going all around his head, it’s very well done.

For armor, the Samurai comes with the LEGO samurai helmet cast in dark gray plastic. The sculpt still looks great, even without anything to be held in the clip. His torso gets covered by gray plate armor with shoulder pads. For a weapon he gets a single katana cast in very dark gray. Oddly, all three shades of gray used are different making it look like the samurai has multiple heirlooms passed down over generations. He also comes with the standard 4×3 display stand.

It seems kind of odd that in the LEGO world Japan just means a ninja, a sumo wrestler and a samurai warrior but this is a great figure who will be perfect on either side of the Great LEGO War.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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January 26th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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