LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Review: Sumo Wrestler (8803)

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LEGO finally figured out a way to get creative with painting so they could at least create the illusion of female curves on the standard LEGO minifigure torso. But that only works for making something look smaller.

“I am sorry, but I must defeat you now.”

The Sumo Wrestler has dedicated his life to the ancient art of sumo. He has earned the nickname “The Immovable Object” for his ability to stand perfectly still while his opponent tries to push him over or out of the sumo ring. He’s recognized wherever he goes, and is always happy to stop and sign autographs for his many fans.

He may be big and strong (in fact, he’s VERY big and VERY strong), but the Sumo Wrestler is also extremely health-conscious. He watches his calories, makes sure to get plenty of fiber in his meals, and always finishes his vegetables. Like he says, you can’t get big and strong without taking good care of yourself!

For some reason, LEGO is keeping with their Japan theme by releasing a Sumo Wrestler! Which is kind of really weird for a LEGO figure for one simple reason: he’s got the exact same body as a regular LEGO figure! The Sumo Wrestler only has paint on his chest and face, the rest of him is cast in yellow plastic with a black waist acting as his mawashi.

To create the look of being large; a beer belly is painted on along with a belly button. It ends up making the figure look overweight and shirtless instead of looking like a sumo wrestler. This is one area where LEGO really could have benefited from taking a page out of the Minimates book for different body types.

The face is frowning with crow’s feet around the eyes and bushy black eyebrows. The hair piece is new with black hair that covers most of the head and a chonmage (topknot) as part of it. It’s an interesting hair piece that definitely looks like it can work for either LEGO minifigure gender.

For accessories the Sumo Wrestler comes with the black 3×4 display stand and a single bronze trophy that is identical to the one the Karate Master came with. The trophy is adorable and shaped like a LEGO figure on a stand. But it’s disappointing he only came with one trophy. Now all we need is a silver trophy to complete the first, second and third places.

Instead of being a Sumo Wrestler, this figure just feels more like an overweight guy who is trying to dress up like a sumo wrestler. The paint is good but even excellent paint can’t make me think this figure is twice the size of a regular LEGO figure. But I have no idea how LEGO could have made a torso piece that would have made sense.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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January 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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