LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Race Car Driver (8803)

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Not only is LEGO the world’s largest tire manufacturer, LEGO is probably the owner of one of the most well known oil companies in the toy world – Octan! After LEGO stopped licensing the Shell brand, they made their own oil company in ’92 and haven’t looked back.


Years ago, the Race Car Driver met a mysterious man with a robot monkey who told him that he would be compelled to go faster and faster all his life. And it was true: from tricycle races to soapbox derbies, he has always been happiest when moving as fast as safety and the laws of physics will allow.

As soon as he was old enough to enter competitions, he was off and racing, constantly tweaking, modifying and tuning up his cars for more and more speed and power. Now that he’s become a professional driver, he can finally do what he’s always dreamed of doing: tour the world’s racetracks in one of the fastest things on wheels!

The Race Car Driver isn’t a terribly exciting figure and I definitely have a lingering feeling that I owned a toy like him before. I’ve never been into NASCAR or car racing besides a single Pine Wood Derby. If the vehicle doesn’t transform into a robot, I never cared much about them as a kid. Except for those one that showed damage when you hit them. Those were awesome.

Back to the Racecar Driver (I have no idea why it wasn’t a single word in the first place). The driver looks awfully smug with his perfectly sculpted eyebrows and a smile that screams “I rehearsed this in front of the mirror for hours while perfecting it.” Oh, and his eyebrows are light brown – not black like the packaging shows.

The suit he’s wearing looks decent but also looks like it may be a Power Rangers costume. The white gloves with white belt over a red jumpsuit just look too perfect. The front of his torso is covered in paint applications. The threaded grid pattern with a white piece across the chest looks decent but this is one of the few times where LEGO has left me disappointed.

No doubt about it, it’s hard to paint white over red and this figure definitely looks a touch on the pink side. Another issue is the Octan logo on his chest. It’s off center, misaligned and the letters don’t match right! From LEGO, I definitely expected more. The Racecar Driver’s name is on his belt “N. Groves” while the brand “Stafford Engines” is on his left breast.

For a hairpiece, Groves gets a blond hair with a part. It looks good, but with the dark eyebrows it makes the figure look like he bleaches his hair. He also comes with a red helmet covered in a checker pattern and the Octan logo on it with a smoky visor. One issue is that LEGO figure hands can’t really hold on the helmet well! I though LEGO would have made that work. A display stand is also included in the set.

Unlike many of these collectible minifigures, a racecar driver could easily work in an existing LEGO city line. While a caveman works great as a single figure, getting a driver without a vehicle just feels like a let down. But while I don’t care for the figure, anyone who is a fan of racing will probably like him a lot more.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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March 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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