LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Snowboarder (8803)

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When I was younger, I used to ski a lot. Then I managed to injure myself so many times in a single season, it stopped being fun and I quit. But I still appreciate adorable little LEGO figures based on my once favorite seasonal pastime.

“Cold enough for ya?”

When it’s freezing cold outside and everyone else’s teeth are chattering, the Snowboarder feels right at home. With nerves of steel, she’ll brave the steepest slopes and the wildest jumps, confident that as long as there’s snow on the ground, she can do anything. But as soon as the weather turns warmer and the snow starts to melt, she’s out of there and heading wherever it’s chillier!

The Snowboarder doesn’t like to be anywhere that’s even a little bit hot. She eats ice cream in the winter and volunteers at the aquarium’s penguin pool in the summer. And what she likes to do most of all is head up a snow-covered mountain with her beloved board and have an icy good time in the cold!

The Snowboarder screams “girl” up and down the entire figure, which is quite remarkable given that all LEGO figures have the same, well, figure. Snowboarder is wearing an all white snow suit with some fuchsia flourishes at the waist and collar. Her chest paint does some wonderfully subtle paint work to give her a female figure without going overboard, since a puffy jacket would remove most of those looks.

Her gloves are gray, which seems kind of odd. Her white pants have zippered pockets and her toes are painted to look like they’re clipped into bindings – something the Skier was lacking. Her face is adorable with a tooth-bearing grin on it, a touch of lipstick and wonderfully executed.

Showing that she’s safe, Snowboarder comes with a fuchsia helmet that has a new visor piece molded to look like goggles. Oddly though, she doesn’t come with a spare hairpiece so if she isn’t wearing the helmet, she’s bald!

The other big accessory is her snowboard. Cast in navy blue plastic, it’s similar to the Surfer’s surfboard in that the pegs on the bottom are a 4×1 that doesn’t allow other pieces to connect next to it.  It’s got two pegs for standing and is painted with blue and fuchsia snowflakes. It looks good, but is kind of girly. She also comes with the display stand that’s just begging to be cast in white.

Like the Skier, the Snowboard isn’t a bad figure but she feels kind of bland without a slope to be going down. The board and paint are fantastic, but I just wish she came with an extra set of hair to keep her from being bald.

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Written by jestergoblin

February 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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