LEGO Kingdoms Review: Prison Carriage Rescue (7949)

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Two knights fighting over a captive? A horse drawn carriage? And the horse happens to look like a unicorn? This set is awesome.

One of the King’s soldiers has been captured! Determined to save the King’s soldier, the knight in shining armor is pursuing the prison carriage to rescue him!

The Prison Carriage Rescue continues the theme of the Dragon Knights terrorizing the Lion Kingdom. Why do they need prisoners? That isn’t explained, but I’m secretly hoping the reveal is that they’ve been feeding them to their giant dragon lord (or I’ve been watching How to Train your Dragon again).

This set is a classic medieval one with a captive prisoner in a horse drawn carriage driven by a Dragon solider while a Lion knight saves the day. The carriage is hauled by a single black horse wearing one of the best accessories I’ve seen on a LEGO in a while, a metal helmet with a golden horn. The helmet just makes the horse look angry while the horn gives it an almost mythical feel.

The carriage itself is done in the colors of the Dragon Knights with green and gold touches. It’s mostly black, brown and gray which is fitting for a wagon made of metal and wood. There is space for a single figure to sit, while another one is stored in the back cage. A clip on both sides allow for a spear and torch to be stored. One odd thing about this set is that it doesn’t include a saddle for the horse or an extra piece for the horse to be complete with when not attached to the carriage.

The Dragon solider is wearing a two-toned green tunic with a bronze dragon across the chest and a matching belt. His face is angry with a 5-o-clock shadow and bushy brown eyebrows. For accessories, he comes with a dark gray sword, a matching helm and a small shield with the Dragon Knight’s crest on it.

The prisoner is a Lion solider wearing a chainmail suit of armor over a red tunic. His face has two expressions painted on it, one with him screaming having been captured and the other is with a slight smirk. The screaming one is great since it works as either he’s yelling for help or yelling in the heat of battle. While the only accessory he comes with is his silver helmet, the extra spear on the cart gives him something.

The final figure is the heroic Lion Knight. Wearing a full suit of armor with a large lion’s head on his chest, he looks great. His face has the same slight smirk as the captive, but with some extra stubble. For accessories, he comes with a silver sword, a Lion-crested shield and a fantastic helmet with red plume.

I’m a huge fan of toys that allow for a battle to be had right out of the box, and this one does an excellent job of it. A valiant knight, a menacing solider and a screaming prisoner all fighting on the back of a horse drawn carriage? Sign me up.

Big thanks to my sister for picking this one up for me!

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January 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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