Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Iron Man & M.O.D.O.K.

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I don’t know why, but I’ve always ended up owning a MODOK. I remember getting one at Toy Works in the $1 discount bin for the 90s Iron Man toon line. Then my dog devoured his chewy, rubber head. Many years later, I ended up getting the build-a-figure in Marvel Legends. I don’t even really like MODOK.

And for someone reason whenever I hear or read the name MODOK, I hear his voice yell, “I FEAR NOTHING!” Am I the only one who does that? Enough about my oddities, onward with the review!

Invincible leader of the Avengers!

Before I get to the super exciting MODOK, there’s a need to review his nemesis: Iron Man. This figure has been released twice, originally in his stunning Silver Centurion coloring and again in the Gold Centurion outfit. This one is just a repaint in glossy reds and yellows. And that paint is working against him. It looks like his arms and legs are cast in yellow plastic and painted red, while his torso is cast in red which means the reds and yellows look inconsistent.

Iron Man’s shoulder pads really limit his arm movement, only letting his fists get up to his chin, while barely moving backwards. His waist moves, but without neck articulation, it makes him act like Batman: rotating the entire body to look at anything.

Hovering psychic super menace!

MODOK is the real reason anyone would buy this set. Originally, Hasbro said he was getting his name changed back to MODOC (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Conquest instead of Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing, I love backronyms). But instead, the packaging says MODOK! Tiny moral victory for people like me.

The first thing to notice about MODOK is that he’s heavy. He’s about the same size as the Blob figure but he isn’t hollow. He’s a solid chunk of plastic. The kind that will hurt when you chuck it at your older brother. MODOK is looking adorable and really shows what the Superhero Squad line is about. Instead of being a grotesque beast, he just has a giant head. Amazingly enough, MODOK even has articulation, both arms rotate which was unexpected. His left hand is holding his chair’s remote. MODOK’s paint is clean and crisp, with metallic purples and vibrant oranges.

While Iron Man is boring as can be, MODOK is a fantastic example of this line. He’s giant, adorable and absolutely perfect. Some people may prefer different eyes, but I think the human style ones work – seeing as he’s been shown with solid white eyes and terrifying red ones.

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December 4th, 2009 at 7:33 am

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