LEGO Minifigure Series 2 Weightlifter Review (8684)

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Since pretty much all LEGO figures are identical besides coloring (and the occasional peg leg or robotic arm), it’s always interesting to see how LEGO tackles different body types. The creation of the short legs made a lot of sense, but guys like the Sumo Wrestler were left out in the cold.


The Weightlifter has sworn to become the strongest man in the entire world. He runs around the city looking for things to pick up…and he wants to pick up EVERYTHING. As long as an object isn’t nailed to the ground, he’ll scoop it up and try to lift it over his head.

The only thing that the Weightlifter pays attention to is how heavy something is. If it weighs more than the last thing he lifted, then it’s just what he needs, whether it’s a person, an auto, an elephant or a house. No challenge is too big for the Weight Lifter!

The Weight Lifter looks like he should be selling me Sprite based on his lime green and yellow color scheme. His outfit is down right garish and burns the eyes. His arms are bare and yellow lines on his legs designate where his shorts end and his boots begin. I have no idea why a weight lifter would be wearing lime green boots though.

The paint on the figure looks great though with the belt being detailed down to threading while the top of his tank top has a 2×2 brick and a dumbbell on it. The Weightlifter is definitely in horrible pain based on his sweat drenched face. The shaking teeth and twitching eyes kind of remind me of the Gorilla Suit Guy.

For accessories, the lifter comes with black hair with a part that we’ve seen time and time again. He also comes with a display stand as well. But the main accessory is his dumbbell. Made up of a black rod and two LEGO hubcaps, the dumbbell looks good but is a touch short. So short that he can only hold it in one hand at a time!

There isn’t much to the Weightlifter figure. The color scheme is hideous but it works, the paint is all impeccable but the idea of the figure is one that just doesn’t make sense to me. Is there some demographic of children who also love lifting heavy things and putting them back down? If there is, I’ve never seem them.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
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Written by jestergoblin

March 18th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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