LEGO Minifigure Series 2 Traffic Cop Review (8684)

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Evidently LEGO thought there was a shortage of LEGO police running around. And not only that there was a shortage – more of them needed to look like they belonged in the cast of Super Troopers.

“Mine are the safest streets in town!”

The Traffic Cop patrols the streets, looking for anybody who’s speeding or up to no good on the roads and highways. Don’t try to break the law in his city, because he’s sure to find you and give you a ticket!

The Traffic Cop doesn’t want to seem mean, but he knows how important it is to enforce the rules and keep the city safe. After all, protecting the people who live there is a huge responsibility!

Named the “Traffic Cop,” this guy is definitely a state trooper if I ever saw one. If he was wearing a wide brim hat and had a majestic mustache, he’d be perfect. Wearing his khaki uniform with black pants, the Cop looks kind of bland. He’s got his badge, radio and massive belt buckle painted on but there isn’t much to his look.

Most of his face is covered by a massive pair of aviators that are polarized. His eyebrows are calm while his face has a slight smirk to it. On his head is a helmet that is really a pilot helmet in black without goggles. It looks kind of odd.

For accessories, the ever present display stand is still here. Two pairs of handcuffs in light gray are also included that work great. The figures can hold them by the chain or attach them to figure’s wrists! The final accessory is a 2×1 tile that is ineligibly printed on that is a traffic violation. Just what every kid wanted: a speeding ticket!

As the final collectible LEGO minifigure, the Traffic Cop doesn’t do much for me. The paint is well done but of all the crazy figures you could make, LEGO went with a traffic cop instead of someone like a sheriff in the Wild West. I just don’t get it.

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Written by jestergoblin

March 19th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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