Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Wolverine & Spiral

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The final pack of Wave 17 consists of a standard must-be-in-every-wave Wolverine and the fan favorite, Spiral! I was going to say this was the mutant pack but I remembered that while Spiral has six arms, can teleport and knows magic she isn’t actually a mutant. She’s just Mojo’s henchwoman who was created in a self-fulfilling paradox.

Razor-clawed mutant hero!

Wolverine is one of those figures that always shows up, even when it really isn’t necessary. This wave already contained Captain America (although new) and Iron Man, the fact that Hulk and Spider-Man didn’t make an appearance is nice. Wolverine is sporting his recent Astonishing uniform which was very popular and his standard uniform for many years. What’s most interesting about the figure is his pose. While I’ve railed on Sabretooth for having one of the worst poses possible, Wolverine’s pose actually works. The sparking claws and sneering face make him look like he’s ready to attack.

The face looks excellent, snarling, glaring and all-around mean looking. But it’s cleanly shaven and after a few glances begins to look way too much like Batman. Wolverine has three points of articulation, neck and both arms but really only one of the arms is useful since the other one is essential to standing. If you go with both arms stretched out, he looks a lot like he’s doing a fastball special which is great.

Six-armed sword fighter!

Spiral is one of those characters who the fans love and the kids will have no idea who she is. While this figure would be much better suited to be paired with Longshot or Mojo, Hasbro has regularly shown that it likes to avoid pairings that make a lot of sense. Especially after the Deadpool/Captain America Punisher and Cable/ Captain America two packs. But Spiral looks great for a six-armed warrior woman. Each arm is wielding a weapon, even if some of them are hilariously blunt. While her arms should have some extra bands on them, she looks really good. Her pose is one that’s ready to attack but there’s one problem: she’s stuck like that.

Spiral usually gets an absurd amount of articulation. Her Marvel Legends version was packing 30 points in her arms alone. But this one is the other end of the spectrum. She doesn’t have any articulation. It is pretty fitting, since very few female figures in this line have any articulation, and most of the ones that do look awful (I’m looking at you Black Cat).

Wolverine is a decent figure but really only works in a few poses while Spiral looks absolutely fearsome but is stuck one way. Without being able to pose the figures, they lose a lot but each of them look excellent so it balances out. Wolverine’s got a costume we haven’t gotten yet before and Spiral is such a unique looking figure that it’s hard to pass her up. Now if they’ll just release Mojo and Longshot to hangout with her.

Super Hero Squad Wave 17
New Captain America & Motorcycle
Iron Man & M.O.D.O.K.
Wolverine & Spiral

Written by jestergoblin

December 8th, 2009 at 8:55 am

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