LEGO Minifigure Review Series 3: Tribal Chief (8803)

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Like the Tribal Hunter, there isn’t anything new for me in the Tribal Chief. Like, really there isn’t anything new because I remember buying LEGO set 6709 – better known as “Tribal Chief!” But that was 14 years ago so I’m sure plenty of people never experienced owning that figure.

“On to the next adventure!”

The Tribal Chief lives for adventure. If there’s a mountain, he’ll climb it. If there’s a river, he’ll swim it. If there’s a desert, he’ll pack his bags and cross it, just because he can. All he needs is the great outdoors and an exciting challenge, and he’ll be right there, daring it all and trying to get everyone he knows to join in on the fun.

As he sees it, his mission in life is to go everywhere and do everything the wide world has to offer…but the best part is that even when he’s done everything he can think of doing, he knows that there will still be more adventures waiting just around the corner!

Ethnicity is always kind of weird in the LEGO world since outside of the movie lines, all LEGO figures are the same shade of yellow. So getting a figure that’s so clearly trying to be something else is kind of off putting. While the Mariachi made me think of Freddie Mercury, the Tribal Chief brings back memories of a play we had to do in 5th grade when we reenacted the Boston Tea Party. Looking back, I don’t remember much besides we were all dressed up like generic Native Americans (mostly in the style of the Great Plains) and hacked apart cardboard boxes with hatchets.

Basically, this figure feels like a white guy dressed up like an Indian for a Halloween party or something. But the detail on the figure is astounding. The chest piece has armor made of beads and leather, while the legs are detailed with red diamonds and white fringe. It looks quite remarkable.

The face is kind of odd with a face that looks pretty angry to me. The wrinkles near the eyes, the grimacing mouth – it all feels really sinister. The white and blue face paint is a nice touch though.

The spear included is the new one that originated with the Spartan, only it now has a brown handle and silver blade. The spear is fantastically well done and worlds better than the spears of old that look more like sharpened sticks. The headdress piece is quite remarkable as well. Made up of feathers, it’s painted with black details and golden touches. The Chief includes a display stand as well.

Having basically owned this figure before, the excitement level just isn’t the same. He’s a very well made toy and the weapon, headdress and paint are exceptionally well done. But something about this figure’s face weirds me out.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
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Written by jestergoblin

February 27th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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