Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Captain America & Motorcycle

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I’ve got to hand it to Hasbro, they’ve been pumping out variants and new figures for the Super Hero Squad that seem almost unimaginable, especially since these toys are designed for 3-year-olds. But that doesn’t stop them from bringing new characters such as Bucky as Captain America wielding a gun and a knife. After only two years, Hasbro has released the latest incarnation of Captain America.

Sidekick turned super solider!

Bucky Barnes was Steve Rogers best friend during WWII and he was brainwashed after the loss of Captain America. After the actual death of Captain America, Iron Man (then director of SHIELD) offer his sidekick a deal: the country needs a Captain America, and Bucky can be him. There was a bunch of build up to this event and it ended up with a redesign of the classic costume by Alex Ross (which may have been a rehash of his rejected Spider-Man redesign for the movie).

Bucky Cap is looking pretty good in his new outfit. Flat black paint on the arms and legs, while the torso is a shiny blue metallic adds nice contrast and sets him apart from the other Captain Americas. His right hand is holding a gun, and not some future-tech laser gun. This thing looks like an actual handgun that Bucky would need since he doesn’t actually have super powers. The other hand is gripping for the handlebars of his new motorcycle.

The shield is molded as part of his back and in a nice nod to the story, the blue is a different shade from his suit. At first glance, it looks a little off but it makes sense since it’s Steve’s shield and would match his colors. But this limits his articulation in the arms and waist. His waist can only move about 30 degrees which in turn limits his left arm to about 90 degrees of movement. He’s also articulated at the neck, but his head looks a little pudgy.

Super-tuned two wheeler!

I was pleasantly surprised after ripping open the packaging to discover that Captain America’s motorcycle is brand new! The old one that originally came with Wolverine was okay but lacked a kickstand, making it near impossible to display. Plus it was released almost half a dozen times. His navy blue cycle looks great and includes a kickstand! Both wheels spin freely so it works great as a toy too.

But it isn’t completely without fault. It almost feels like this motorcycle was sculpted for someone else because Captain America doesn’t quite fit on it right. The shield on his back is at odds with the seat of the bike, forcing him to turn slightly. This turning makes it so his left hand doesn’t grip the handle at the right angle. I’ve yet to be able to get him lined up properly on the bike.

While Captain America isn’t perfect, I’m excited to be getting Bucky in any incarnation, especially since the Winter Solider Saga pack was never released stateside.  I think the biggest problem for the figure is that he came with the motorcycle. If he just stood with shield in one hand and gun in the other, he would have been a much better figure. As he is now, he’s a solid figure but there are a lot of little things that could have made him really good.

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December 3rd, 2009 at 7:42 am

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