LEGO Atlantis Review: Monster Crab Clash (8056)

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The Manta Warrior was just the beginning of the undersea adventures in the LEGO realm. Turns out there are far bigger and meaner things in the depths of the ocean as the scuba divers searched for the five keys to unlock the gate to Atlantis.

Beware the monster crab’s claws! On a dangerous deep-sea mission to recover the orange Atlantis treasure key from the murky depths of the ocean, the heroic diver comes face-to-face with the treasure’s mighty guardian: a giant crab with powerful crushing claws!

Instead of including some weird half crab person, this set goes the other way and includes a massive black and orange crab made of bricks and Technic pieces. Covered in orange spikes and possessing black claws, it’s pretty obvious this crab isn’t trying to be someone’s friend. Sure, technically this crab should have eight legs instead of six, but given the fact that humans are yellow in the LEGO-verse, I think it’s a fine oversight.

The crab is exceptionally articulated with each leg possessing three points of articulation and the claws move left and right and open too. I wish the claws were just one more brick away from the body and could move up and down too, but they’re pretty decently made and include large spikes to crush some unfortunate diver.

The color scheme looks great, even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The extra touches like the red eyes and orange decals on the back are stickers, which is disappointing and quickly makes this toy not water-friendly.

The diver included in the set is Axel Storm. He’s the tech expert for the underwater explorers, so I have no idea what he’s doing out of the submarine facing off against a giant crab ten times his size. Axel’s body and legs have a bunch of painted applications including a breathing apparatus, a weighted belt and a bright red trident insignia on his left leg. His head features two different faces – one calm and collected, the other screaming and looking scared.

For accessories Axel comes with a black harpoon gun to defend himself. His helmet includes a new kind of visor that doesn’t move and is attached to two large air tanks. A nice touch is that the tanks are hollow and have Technic holes at the top to allow for items to be stored there. He also comes with lime green flippers

The final accessory is the Crab Key. Cast in translucent orange plastic with a gold ring around it, it looks like some off-world treasure. The middle triangle is painted black with a crab clearly printed on it. It’s a good looking piece of loot and the ring around it works as a handle for minifigures.

For an undersea adventure, this is a decent little pack. Sure, the crab could have benefited from a tiny bit more articulation or having its details painted on instead of being stickers. Axel is a decent looking little figure too with his lime green accents and spear gun but the crab treasure is really the nicest part of the pack. It looks great and I can see why someone would fight a giant crab for one of them.

LEGO Atlantis

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January 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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