LEGO Atlantis Review: Wreck Raider

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One man by himself couldn’t possibly discover the secrets of Atlantis in the depths, so it makes sense that other people would be tagging along. What makes less sense is the fact that half-human-half-shark hybrids showed up too.

Capture the blue treasure key from the Shark Warrior! While exploring the ocean aboard his high-speed scooter sub, the deep-sea diver has found one of the treasure keys leading to the sunken city of Atlantis! But will the Wreck Raider’s twin turbines and flick-launching harpoons be enough to defeat the trident-wielding Shark Warrior and capture the blue key?

The Wreck Raider is a giant “mini-sub.” Mostly red, it looks like the kind of underwater vehicle that would really move. The front has two missiles that are supposedly “flick and fire” but end up being more like “stay in place.” A single handlebar is the only place for a figure to hold on while this giant vehicle blasts through the water.

Underneath where the figure grips are two massive propellers that actually look like they belong underwater. The blades spin freely and the mounts rotate allowing their direction to be easily changed. To help with the steering, two wings – one on each side, can also be manipulated.

But like many of the Atlantis sets, there seem to be way too many stickers in the pack. The front has a bubbling area that runs up the top of the vehicle. Near the handle bars are two more intake areas and each side of the vehicle is labeled “8-057.” For a toy that’s supposed to be underwater, using so many stickers just seems like a bad idea.

To drive the vehicle is Captain Ace Speedman. From the neck down, he’s identical to Axel Storm since they wear the same gray and lime green suits. What sets him apart is his head. Like Axel, Ace has two faces on his head – one clam and one scared. According to LEGO lore, Captain Speedman wears an eye patch because he likes how it looks, not because he’s missing an eye. The captain’s gray mutton chops and bushy eyebrows look great.

For an accessory, Captain Speedman comes with the same diving helmet/breathing apparatus as Axel as well. It still looks great but I would think a Captain would have something on his uniform to set him apart from the rest.

The Shark Warrior takes the ideas presented by the Manta Warrior and takes them to a whole new level. Instead of just being your regular LEGO figure with an odd hat, the Shark Warrior gets a whole new headpiece and it’s incredible. The Shark Warrior’s head is cast in light gray plastic and looks great. It’s large with an open mouth showing off rows of teeth. His triangular eyes don’t look human either, he feels like a different species.

The top of the head is painted with the triangular symbol of Atlantis. In one of my favorite touches that really shows LEGO’s skill, his mouth actually has a space big enough to fit a LEGO rod or handle in it. It’s a great little touch.

Because of his giant sized head, Shark Warrior loses his neck articulation but the rest of his joints are uninhibited. His torso and legs are painted off white over the light gray which makes the great effect of his stomach being a lighter color than his back, just like a real shark.

For accessories, Shark Warrior comes with a golden trident that feels just a touch too short for my liking. The three tips look great and the handle just below the head is serrated. His other accessory is the second Key to Atlantis: the Squid. Identical to the Crab Key except for two things: color and emblem. This one is cast in translucent blue plastic and the top is painted with a stylized squid. The shade of blue feels too dark and the squid imagery is only really visible under strong light.

Sure, the vehicle in this pack feels a touch over the top given its outrageous size and the fact that only a single figure can ride it. But I didn’t get this pack for the diver or the vehicle, I got it because the Shark Warrior looked awesome and he definitely delivers. I just wish LEGO sets had figures like these when I was a kid.

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January 10th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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