LEGO Atlantis Review: Seabed Strider (7977)

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One oddity about the first wave of Atlantis LEGO sets was that it was never explained who was after the keys to get into Atlantis. Were the Portal Emperor and his lackeys trying to keep humans out of Atlantis or was he trying to get home? Where did the portal take them? But this year, the line continued and some odd things a-fin.

Defeat the evil Hammerhead Guardian to claim the treasure! Walking through the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis on his powerful Seabed Strider, valiant diver Axel Storm discovers the precious golden shield. He transforms his craft into a sleek submarine to return the treasure to the surface, but can he first defeat the trident-carrying Hammerhead Guardian?

Axel Storm is back in the second Atlantis line, but he’s got a few changes. Instead of being all gray and lime green, the scuba divers have started wearing dark gray and yellow. Is it more protective? Did something happen when the portal opened? Who knows but at least the figures look different.

Axel has the same head as before and a majority of his body looks very similar except for some changes in paint applications. But the general idea is there: breathing tubes, weighted belt, red trident emblem and the only new paint is the meter on his right leg. The helmet now has a yellow visor and is cast in light gray.

The Seabed Strider is a half mech, half mini-sub much like the Wreck Raider that is capable of transforming between the two looks. Mostly red with some gray and yellow highlights, it fits right in with the rest of the equipment the divers use. The two “legs” are articulated with ratcheted joints allowing it to hold shape in multiple forms.

The center console has a single handlebar to grasp onto along with two silver, mounted harpoon guns. The front has two grabbing arms, each clutching a gem. Many of the details come from the fact that there are 11 stickers on the Strider, which seems way over the top.

By moving the legs, the Strider can morph into a mini-sub that looks like a smaller version of the Wreck Raider. But it looks a lot better as a mech.

By opening the portal, some new enemies have arrived and it looks like the Shark Warrior brought along a friend – the Hammerhead Warrior! Mostly an inverse color wise of the Shark Warrior, the Hammerhead is mostly dark gray with a light gray stomach and odd sky blue tattoos on his body. His helmet covers a regular LEGO figure head and really adds some height to the figure. The large black eyes and shoulder pads look great and the light gray markings on his face are fantastic.

Once you remove his hammerhead mask, the figure takes a page out of Squid Warrior’s Necronomicon. The head is cast in clear, translucent red plastic and has two tiny eyes painted head the top and an absolutely giant, fanged mouth that covers around 80% of the face. The face looks great, both with and without the helmet. Like all underwater baddies, Hammerhead comes with a golden trident.

With all of the keys discovered, there is now new gear to collect: the equipment of Golden Warrior. This set includes a little pedestal made of white blocks that looks like a Greek column. Attached to the top is a golden shield with a symbol that looks awfully a lot like the Deathly Hallows, only with a trident in it instead of the Elder Wand.

This set is a lot like the Wreck Raider. You get a diver, a shark-man and a vehicle for $10. The new color scheme isn’t one I’m wild about, mostly because I find it weird when yellow is used on LEGO figures for something other than skin. But the Seabed Strider is a fine vehicle but the Hammerhead steals the show with his giant helmet and terrifyingly cool head underneath. Now if they could get a weapon that isn’t a trident.

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January 13th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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