LEGO Pirates Review: Kraken Attakin’ (6240)

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Turns out I was wrong about being so excited seeing Pirate themed LEGO sets in stores again, they were re-released for the 20th anniversary of the line after a decade hiatus! How could children go a decade without a LEGO pirate ship in their lives?

Save the treasure from the Kraken! These pirates and their parrot have built a raft and set to sea with a booty of gems. But now they’re under attack by a legendary sea monster! Can they save the treasure and get away?

I don’t know why the kraken would want the treasure, unless it’s secretly working with the forces of Atlantis. But that would be some elongate plot concerning pirates fighting fish people. And that would be an awesome pirates theme. The kraken in this set is just a LEGO octopus recast in crimson plastic to set him apart from his black kin. It’s a nice touch, and visually matches up with the Squid Warrior.

The two pirates can come in an assortment of different looks, but this set includes a pair of green legs and a pair of black legs. The torsos are hairy chested guy with an anchor tattoo and brown vest or a guy in a green and white striped shirt. For faces, there’s the generically smug stubble covered face and a more nefarious looking gold toothed grinning face. For headgear, there’s a blue bandana and a fine black tri-cornered hat (why hasn’t that come back into fashion?).

For weaponry, these are some poorly equipped pirates. They come with two cutlasses, a golden telescope and a single musket. No pistols, no hook hands, just two swords and a single gun.

The big build of the set is the raft itself. Mostly round brown pieces to make the logs and a bit of sandy yellow for a floor, it’s a barebones craft. In the middle is a crow’s nest with a ladder and a rack to store the musket on. To be attached to the raft are a perch for the parrot, who is cast in a blend of green and red plastic and looks awful. There is also a rudimentary rudder and a single box containing two gems.  The raft overall is decent, but the box of gems and the perched parrot take up a lot of space.

Two adventuring pirates against a quasi-mythical beast isn’t bad. I just wish this set had some more treasure and weapons. Plus, I have no idea how these two expect to travel on their raft with only a single oar, they’ll just be going round in circles.

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January 22nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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