LEGO Prince of Persia Review: Desert Attack (7569)

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I don’t know anything really about Prince of Persia besides it was a great video game series. I never bothered seeing the movie and I haven’t played it since Sands of Time came out on the GameCube. But that doesn’t stop me from taking a chance on these, especially when they were on clearance!

Battle against the Hassansins! Deep within their secret lair, the evil Hassansins plan their next attack. But little do they know that Dastan has infiltrated their hide-out with a plan of his own!

The beauty of LEGO is the simple fact that you get to make up the story line. Is it weird that in my head Darth Vader and Jango Fett teamed up and did every major in the Star Wars storyline? Probably, but I blame the LEGO Star Wars video game for that. So while I don’t know anything really about these figures, it’s easy to tell there’s a good guy, two bad guys and dead guy.

Dastan, the Prince of Persia I’m assuming, was played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the movies. He controls time with a dagger usually, but this must be before that because he doesn’t have some magical dagger with him. Instead, he’s sporting two swords that are near identical to the Ninja’s katanas except for the guard. I don’t get it, but they’re good looking weapons. To keep hold of his weapons, he’s got a new backpack that allows the two blades to be sheathed – like Leonardo.

Dastan’s figure looks good. His torso has a nice scarlet sash painted on, while his torso is covered in little gold details. His head has two faces, both handsome by LEGO standards with a bit of scruffiness. One is just a simple smiling face, while the other is him snarling. His hair is rather asexual and would work just as well on a female character. In fact, if the figure didn’t have stubble, I’d probably think he was a chick.

A horse is included too! It’s black and has a blanket painted on its back in blue and gold. It looks ornate and well done. The saddle matches well, but it’s a LEGO horse so there isn’t any new ground being broken. In an odd oversight, the figure comes with black blocks to put in the horse’s back when it isn’t saddled instead of blue.

Setam is a bad guy. I know this because he looks angry and almost definitely raided the Shredder’s closet before venturing out. Setam is wearing almost all black, has shoulder pads covered in spikes and happens to be clutching two giant claws covered in spikes too! His fast is mostly covered by a black turban and his torso is covered in spikes as well. This guy likes spikes.

Setam’s face is angry looking with a silver scar under his left eye – you know, just like Shredder. He’s got a beard and mustache. I’ve got to hand it to LEGO for managing to make a figure that doesn’t seem to have an ethnicity. I could see this guy being an evil Japanese ronin or a Russian mobster. Once the turban is off, there’s nothing about him that screams “vaguely from the Middle East.”

Ghazab, now there’s an evil sounding name, is another bad guy in the set. He’s wearing mostly navy blue with some armor that has a circular design on it. He’s also got the lovely black turban to hide his garish face. He’s bearded and mustached as well, but has a hideous makeshift eye patch covering his left eye. Give him a bandana or tri-cornered hat, and he’d fit right in as LEGO pirate.

For a weapon, he’s got a nice broad ax that’s made of three parts. The head is made to look like tarnished metal and it works wonderfully.

The dead guy happens to be a regular LEGO skeleton. I love these guys and can never have enough of them – especially since they work in every possible scenario. Alien invasion? Need dead bodies. Bottom of the sea? Need drowned bodies. Pirating across the sea? Need dead bodies. Duplo themed Cars sets? Where do you think all the humans went? I love the fact that LEGO now includes an extra arm in the inevitable event of losing one of them.

While the summary calls this a “secret lair,” I think the proper term is “failed sand castle.” It’s a pile of sand with some dying plants. The tan bush is a nice variation of the regular green and the gray plant looks interesting too.

Two spears are randomly stuck in the sand, probably as a terrible version of a sticky note. Since there’s a moving area that reveals the hidden treasure – two gems buried under the sand! To guard these is a red snake and a black scorpion.

At $4, this pack was beyond a steal. Four figures, a horse and a little pile of sand? Sure, it isn’t the most exciting but it’s full of neat pieces that can easily be included in any LEGO world. An ornately decorated horse could belong to any visiting dignitary in the medieval kingdoms. Even the figures work in a bunch of different contexts and that is what makes this a great LEGO set.

Written by jestergoblin

January 16th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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