LEGO Prince of Persia Review: The Ostrich Race (7570)

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Blah blah blah I still don’t know anything about the Prince of Persia but screw that because none of that matters. Know what does matter? LEGO OSTRICHES!

Who will win this wild ostrich-riding race? Creeping into the Valley of the Slaves, Dastan has discovered Sheik Amar’s secret den. Suddenly, with the flick of a lever, a high-speed, out-of-control ostrich race begins! As the kingdom’s outlaws gamble on the winner, can Dastan use the chaos and the very large, very fast riding birds to escape from the illusive Sheik?

Dastan is back and this time his minifigure is shirtless! Because if something has been lacking in LEGO sets, it’s beefcake for the ladies. The chest looks weird on the figure because it shows off muscles that there’s no way a LEGO figure would have. If the amount of lines were reduced in half, it would look a lot better like the Surfer.

Other than the chiseled LEGO figure chest, Dastan is identical to his clothed figure down to the girl-y hair, the sweet sheaths on his back and the girl sash around his waist. He’s even still got the double face, one happy and one grimacing. Dastan comes with his two not-quite-katana blades in silver.

The Ostrich Jockey is just a confused, landlocked pirate from what I can tell. Brown legs, a tan vest over a linen shirt and a black bandana, he would look at home with any LEGO pirates. The outfit looks really good and includes a light blue sash around the waist and painted details on the back of the torso.

The face is another fantastic one that manages to not look ethnic in anyway. Peach colored plastic with just a smiling guy with high cheeks and a 5 o’clock shadow, the head looks good and is generic enough to easily fit into any LEGO theme from Pirates to Kingdoms to City or even outer space.

Sheik Amar is the last minifigure in the set. Wearing what at first glance looks like a nice tan outfit, the more you look at the figure the more you realize something isn’t quite right. From the front, his clothes look great with a nice red trim. His belt has the same circular emblem as Ghazab so I’m assuming there’s some connection. But once you turn the Sheik around, suddenly his outfit is a mess of different patterns and patches giving a completely different insight into the character.

Amar has a tan turban on that matches his outfit and is the most Middle Eastern part of the figure, but it just makes me wish LEGO would take other Disney licenses like Aladdin and make sets based on those. I mean, even the Pharaoh has a snake staff! The Sheik’s head has two faces, both of which look good. On his the bearded man smiling, while the other is expressing great concern.

But the figures barely matter because I bought this set for one reason: LEGO ostriches! Ever since one of my brother’s friends got a LEGO shark back in 1989, I’ve loved LEGO animals. The crocodiles and dragons were great, even the newer dogs and pigs are a blast. But these ostriches are just weird enough for me to adore them completely.

About a head taller than a LEGO minifigure, the ostriches only move at the base of the neck. Their heads and legs are cast in peach plastic while the body is black with white details painted on. Their backs have four pegs for a figure to sit or you can build some elaborate harness for an ostrich pulled chariot!

This set is more than just minifigures and animals since it’s themed around an ostrich race. The racing gate is fairly bland looking with all the parts being brown, tan and sand yellow. But to make the race fair, when you pull back the middle part both gates open at the same time! It’s a nice little touch but just feels like LEGO was trying to find a way to make this pack be in the $20 price point.

A viewing tower is included for Sheik to watch the race from. It’s pretty basic for a platform with a simple railing and two banners waving. It’s nice and raised off the ground, either to get a good view or to keep distance from the scorpion and red snake. A single green plant is included to liven it up some. A whip is also stored on the bottom level.

Since it wouldn’t be fair is Dastan was the only one who had weapons, a weapon rack is included too. It comes with two silver spears, a dark gray axe and a gold banner waving. It’s simple, small and minimal but at least everyone in this pack can defend themselves if the ostriches revolt against their riders.

Like Desert Attack, I picked up this set after finding it on clearance for only $9. At that price, it’s a steal. All the minifigures are great and the ostriches are delightfully absurd. While I have no idea if there actually is an ostrich riding scene in the Prince of Persia movie, part of me knows it couldn’t be nearly as fun as this set. The gate, tower and weapons all add some extra parts and pieces. At full price, it’s not great but at less than half the price, it’s worth picking up just for the silliness.

Written by jestergoblin

February 1st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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