TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Mini Moto-Sliders with Donatello & Michelangelo

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Thankfully Playmates didn’t take the easiest way out with the Mini Mutants vehicle packs and at least sculpted a new vehicle instead of giving everyone a Shell-Cycle. Of course, this means Mikey and Donny end up getting near identical releases too. The only difference between these two sets are the head sculpts and the paint.

Michelangelo and Donatello are repaints of their “stealth” pajama wearing figures that came out in the first wave. They’re dropped the awkward outfits in favor of their classic look – being naked! Mikey has a large grin on his face that makes him kind of look like a mannequin while Donny looks far too angry for his character. Sculpt-wise, the heads are the only differences here.

The limbs are still too skinny for my tastes, while the forearms are too thick. I do love the texturing on the shells on both sides. It adds some much needed difference to the sculpts that the limbs lack given their over detailed toes. They have the same articulation at the legs, shoulders, wrists and neck, but Donny’s neck is sealed tight and refuses to budge.

Both the figures are cast in identical shades of green plastic that is also the same shade as Leo’s skin. I prefer my turtles either being all the same colors or all having a unique skin tone. As a color, it works fine for Mikey but I still think of Don as being more brownish. The belts and pads are all brown and sloppily done with large portions either bleeding over or being unpainted entirely. The bandanas on the heads are good on Mikey but Don’s is super sloppy and looks like his head when painted too soon out of the mold so it bleeds down half his face like Two-Face.

Both turtles come with their signature weapons. Donatello has his brown bo staff with a dark brown wrapping in the middle that’s as tall as him. Mikey gets his pair of nunchaku that have orange handles for some reason.  Both sets also include breakaway traffic barrier that is white with orange touches and says “DETOUR” on it. It’s decent but has no lock mechanism so the only way to get them to stay together is by being very, very careful.

While the packaging called these “Moto-Sliders” it’s quite obvious that these are Sewer Sliders. A cross between a hovercraft and a go-kart, these vehicles are classic TMNT. When sculptors at Playmates are given the chance to stretch their creative muscles, they do fantastic work. And these vehicles remind me of the classic turtles of old.

Both vehicles are around six inches long and look like a heavily modified go-kart. Four wheels and a center driving console make it feel like something Donny built out of salvaged parts. The roll bar behind the driver’s seat has two mounted lights and handlebars for figures to hold onto. The back section is relatively empty with two engines mounted so the vehicle can comfortably hold an extra turtle or two.

Cast mostly in dark green plastic (which would be the perfect shade for Leonardo’s skin); they’re covered in little silver accents like the center console, the side engines and what not. The black parts look great and to give each turtle something different, they’re painted identically with the respective turtles’ color on the hubcaps, back part and seat trim. Mikey’s front end looks a touch weak on coverage but painting orange over green isn’t easy.

These vehicles have action features that blow the Shell-Cycles away. They feature a pull back and release mechanism like most vehicles allowing them to go off flying. The release is triggered by a button on the right side of the vehicle and can he held down while pulling back so it automatically goes flying when you let go – much better than the bikes’ feature!

In addition to the pulling back and launch feature, both Sewer Sliders include a missile launched in the front that’s trigger by pushing in on the left side’s exhaust pipes. And these launchers have some decent force to them and fire around four feet.

Originally only $8 for these sets, it wasn’t a bad deal. The turtles look infinitely better in the right colors but the figures themselves are problematic. But the Sewer Sliders are fantastically designed vehicles: two action features and can store multiple figures. But I would have loved more of those road cones.

Written by jestergoblin

February 12th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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