TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Paleo Patrol Michelangelo & Chomper Bug

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Having just played Turtles in Time Reshelled last night on my Xbox 360, the notion of turtles in the past doesn’t seem so bad. Of course, the remake was based off the arcade version of the game where a mud monster is the boss of Prehistoric Turtlesaurus instead of Slash, but that’s not the point.

Michelangelo is just like his brothers. His figure is the standard Mini Mutants toy but has been spruced up with the addition of a few caveman-esque pieces like skulls and spikes. Mikey’s new kneepads are bones and a small triceratops head (which seems oddly twisted for the character). His elbow pads are spiked with bulky wristbands.

Mikey’s shell is covered in a giant trilobite that looks to be held in place by various straps across his chest. Mikey moves at the shoulders, wrists, legs and neck.

It’s a decent different kind of look but the paint prevents it from really working. His shell is lime green which is very jarring. But his right shoulder is sculpted with armor that’s unpainted and his belt isn’t painted completely on the side. Sure, it isn’t as bad as the Power Rangers, but it isn’t well done either.

For accessories, Michelangelo comes with two san bon nunchaku (tri nunchaku). They’re identically sculpted but bent in different ways to make them look different. They’re nicely sculpted but the bone colored paint is overwhelming and many of the details get lost.

The monster included is just as oddly generic as the other ones. The Chomper Bug looks like a giant ant and is downright odd looking. Nothing about him seems that prehistoric, but as a giant alien bug that’s bright orange, he works great!

Chomper’s massive head shows off some fancy mandibles, four fearsome horns and what looks oddly like a Fu Manchu mustache. His front “arms” remind me of a giant crab with small claws, while his six legs support his massive body. Like the other monsters, the body is beautifully textured with overlapping plates and spiky legs. Articulation isn’t nearly as plentiful with only cut joints at the neck and arms. The legs don’t move at all. One plus is that Chomper can balance on either all six legs or on his thorax to stand up taller.

The paint is a touch odd with neon orange over pastel yellow. The eyes, mandibles and horns are charcoal and contrast decently but the whole color scheme seems a tad over the top.

Like the other two-packs, this one just feels like more of the same. Mikey is decent but has weak paint applications and Chomper Bug is a fine bug who makes no sense as a Ninja Turtle enemy.

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Written by jestergoblin

February 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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