TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Paleo Patrol Leonardo & Scorpion

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The second wave of the TMNT Mini Mutants line goes way back and gives each of the turtles a new look as members of the Paleo Patrol. But instead of pairing the turtles up with the likes of Savanti Romero or Renet, they came with some weird “dinosaurs.”

After getting stranded in the past, the turtles ended up making the most of their time and started wearing armor made of dinosaur bones. Sure, it doesn’t make sense but it seems like someone at Playmates really likes the idea of Cave Turtles. Leonardo is very similar to his other figures but comes with a few extra embellishments. Oddly enough, he still has the exact same head and hands.

Leo’s armor is made up of bones and rocks tied together. His left knee has a dinosaur head, while the right is covered in vertebrae. Around his neck is strung a jaw while his elbow pads now look like fur. But underneath it all, he still looks like Leonardo playing dress up. Leo moves at the shoulders, legs, wrists and neck still.

The paint is okay but only okay for one simple reason: his spiked shoulder pads. Instead of being gray or brown, they’re left unpainted and the same color as his skin!

Leo comes with two crossed sheaths that should attach to his back but seem to prefer popping out instead. His swords are new too with blades that look like they’re serrated and held together with twine.

The monster in this pack is called “Scorpion” but I’m not sure whoever named this knows what a scorpion is. It’s a giant bug-thing. Walking on eight barbed legs and possessing six more to grasp victims with, this is clearly a creature of fantasy and looks great as a generic bug monster – either in the past or an alien from space. It all works!

The mouth is augmented with giant blood-red mandibles and the tail has a giant stinger attached to it. The body is cast in hollow plastic while the creature’s carapace is plated. Articulation is odd with hinge joints controlling the arms, the head can rotate up and down and the tail moves left and right.

Paint is odd too with the backside being covered in peach and sewage green colors. The eyes and mandibles are blood red and the rest of the figure is cast in this dull, putrid brownish-gray.

Paleo Patrol Leo is an okay variant and actually manages to be show accurate. The “scorpion” is a weird figure that doesn’t feel like he was made for this line, he feels like he was just thrown in. I mean, this wave could have given us Splinter, Savanti Romero and Renet. Instead, we got a turtle playing dress up and a weird bug creature.

TMNT Mini Mutants Wave 2 – Paleo Patrol
Leonardo & Scorpion
Donatello & Stego
Michaelangelo & Chomper Bug
Raphael & Winged Dino

Written by jestergoblin

January 18th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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