TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Paleo Patrol Raphael & Winged Dino

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The last of the Paleo Patrol Mini Mutants is a lot more of the same: odd turtle variants that are kind of accurate to a few shorts from the cartoon but happen to use the movie character designs and a single mythical dinosaur that is awesome, but isn’t something the turtles faced off against.

Raphael manages to look the most clothed of his brothers in his Paelo Patrol outfit. His leather armor and jaw necklace all look fine and Raph does seem like the turtle who would make the most of his time stuck in the past making weapons and armor to fight more things.

All the little embellishes are on Raph like the bandaged pads, the bone kneepad and the odd skeletal shell quiver thing. The sculpt is on par with the other turtle figures in this line, a little too lanky and slightly too tall. Raphael moves at the shoulders, wrists, legs and neck.

Paint isn’t anything special with Raphael being cast in dark green plastic (at least he’s a different color from his brothers) and most of his outfit being brown. It feels accurate though.

For accessories, Raphael comes with two oversized sai made out of sharpened bones and wood. Remarkably, they’re different sculpts. The brown one looks to be stone and wood while the white one is clearly bones tied together. They look fine but more brown isn’t what Raph needs.

The packaging calls the dinosaur in this set “Winged Dino” making it the least creative name I’ve seen on a toy in a long, long time. At Toy Fair when it was first revealed, many collectors thought it might be some different take on Draco but it wasn’t. It just happens to be a different red dragon looking monster.

As a monster, the W.D. looks great. He’s covered in individually sculpted scales. Each claw is meticulously painted and a subtle wash of pink on the stomach and yellow on the nose just work so well. A lot of people say Playmates makes bad toys, but that isn’t true. Playmates makes some excellent figures – when they aren’t tied to a license.

But Winged Dino’s wings look like they got tacked on late in the process because they’re just rubber and black. A few ridges and three holes attempt to add some detail, but the wings really don’t match the excellent quality of the rest of this figure!

Articulation is what you’d expect, but amazingly – all of the joints work! W.D. moves at the base of the neck, shoulders, legs and tail. Sure, all the joints are cut but it’s a decent amount on a figure this small.

A long time ago, Playmates was known for having some of the best, most intricate sculpts of any toy line. To this day, many of the classic Ninja Turtle toys are exceptionally well done. I don’t know what happened to that magic, but every now and then a glimmer of it shines through like with Winged Dino. And that’s what makes Raphael and his brothers so disappointing, not only do we know Playmates used to do better but they still can.

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Written by jestergoblin

February 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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