TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Paleo Patrol Donatello & Stego

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As the turtles continue their prehistoric adventures, this second pack is pretty much like the first one I reviewed: an okay variant and a solid figure that is poorly named and makes little sense.

Paleo Patrol Donatello is a lot like his blue brother. Once you ignore all the embellishments, he’s basically his normal self with a few new accessories added in. Don’s wearing some extra bits like a skull knee cap and furry pads. His belt is tied up with bones while his back is a giant skull.

The head is identical to the all of his releases, which seems a bit odd that Playmates wouldn’t bother either switching the heads up or sculpting new ones. Donatello moves at the shoulders, wrists, hips and neck.

Paint is a bit of a problem again as well. From the front, Don looks fine, but on his back his belt and giant skull backpack are left unpainted making it look like his shell is weird and bumpy. For a weapon, Don comes with a short spear with a whittled stone tip. It’s decent but feels about an inch too short.

The dinosaur-monster-thingy in this pack is named “Stego” which makes me think of a stegosaurus. Instead, he’s a weird cross between the terror dogs in Ghostbusters and an ankylosaurus. Lumbering on all fours, this looks like some weird blue-hued monster.

Stego’s body is covered in asymmetrical spikes, scales and bumps. His multi-horned head shows two bright green eyes staring out and a few broken teeth jutting out of his mouth. He’s unpleasant to look at but the sculpt is worth marveling at.

Articulation isn’t anything incredible; he just has swivel joints on each leg that can barely move. His head looks like it should move, but it doesn’t and the spiked tail is completely unarticulated.

The paint is sparse with most of the figure getting its color from the blue plastic. But a few gray lines, bright green eyes and yellowing teeth all help out and give the give a weird but good look.

But like “Scorpion” this figure only kind of makes sense in a prehistoric sense. Sure, it’s a completely fictional monster that borders on absurdity but the sculpt is so well done. He looks like an alien dinosaur and that makes for a good toy. But Donatello is just kind of tagging along.

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Written by jestergoblin

January 25th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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