Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Ironhide & Mixmaster

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Sometimes I have a hard time writing reviews. I burned out a while back and suddenly switched to reviewing LEGO sets because they were something different. But these Robot Heroes have been living on my desk for two months waiting to get reviewed. I guess its time to bit the bullet and jump in.

Ironhide (when I read that name, I hear it in Optimus Prime’s voice still) is one of the original Autobots in the Transformers movies. Instead of looking like a red robot made of cardboard, he now looks quite imposing. In his robot form, there’s no way to be able to tell that his alternate form is actually a truck, but that’s okay because this robot form looks great.

A repaint of his first figure I never picked up, Ironhide doesn’t look like his promo image figure. He’s mostly dark brown and forest green and manages to look like a robot, not a vehicle that’s been ripped apart. Large, alien looking feet hold him in place while both of his arms are outstretched aiming their giant guns that would make Megatron jealous. His right arm has a chain gun attached while his left has a rocket launcher with a sight on it.

Ironhide’s face is sporting a grin, which is fitting since he seems to love firing weapons more than anything else. His back almost looks like a shell with metal plates covering it. It reminds me of how Longhaul reminded me of Raphael; this one reminds me of Donatello in an odd way.

Articulation is standard for the movie line with Ironhide having cut joints at the shoulders and neck so he is always looking downwards. The paint is decent but lacking. Beyond the silver feet and hands and green touches, the only color comes from his blue eyes and the center of his rocket launcher. Continuing the trend of putting insignias in random places, Ironhide has his in the center of his back. It’s like a tramp stamp that’s too high up.

Another Constructicon is present to face off against Ironhide – Mixmaster! It’s debatable whether or not there are multiple Mixmasters running around since one is Devastator’s head and the other is seen fighting Jetfire.

Normally a cement mixing truck, Mixmaster is colored to look like a Soundwave rip-off. His light gray-blue color with sky blue highlights and indigo touches make him seem very non-threatening. And of course these colors don’t match up at all with his on screen counterpart who is forest green.

But while Mixmaster doesn’t look like his on-screen counterpart, he’s still an excellent figure. The mixer barrels make up armor on his arms while his hands are freakishly long claws. His spiky head looks creepy and his forearms are made up of tires.

Articulation is the same as always with cut joints at the neck and shoulders, but the armor and head’s shape make all of it somewhat limited. The paint is downright odd with it all being non-threatening shades of blue. At least having the Decepticon insignia on his right shoulder makes sense.

Ironhide is a fantastic version of the warrior and is made even better by the fact that he looks a lot like a robot. He’d work for any toy line in this scale and doesn’t need to be Ironhide. It’s the same with Mixmaster. Sure, his paint is inaccurate and nothing about him matches the movie, but he’s a creepy looking robot with claws and that makes for a good toy.

Written by jestergoblin

January 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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