DC Universe Action League Review: Deathstorm & Firestorm

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From a continuity standpoint, this two-pack makes no sense because these two are the exact same person. But there have been two different Firestorms, so I guess it kind of works. I hate continuity sometimes.

Deathstorm, a product of the Blackest Night, has come back to haunt the newly-formed incarnation of Firestorm.

Deathstorm is the back from the dead, Black Lantern version of the original Firestorm – Ronald Raymond. He had died in Identity Crisis and if I’ve learned anything about DC comics over the last twenty years, it’s that anything with the word “crisis” in the title will make my brain hurt.

Deathstorm though looks awesome. His costume is similar to Firestorms but with some interesting visual twists that makes the most of the Black Lantern motif. His boots and arms are pale blue, while most of his body is covered in what looks like black leather. But every little detail is sculpted into the figure. The silver bands, the emblem on his chest – it’s all unique!

Deathstorm’s head is cast in translucent blue plastic. His face is shaped like a cartoony skull while his hair is made to look like blue flame. For articulation, Deathstorm has the standard four points with the arms, neck and waist. But his right arm can’t really move much because of his sculpt. Showing some impressive accuracy, Deathstorm does not have a Black Lantern ring.

To face off against Deathstorm is his living counterpart, Firestorm! But this Firestorm is definitely Ronald Raymond again and not Jason Rusch. So this fight could never really happen. Or you can just pretend it is Jason Rusch and he’s mispainted so he isn’t the right ethnicity.

Firestorm is sculpted to be a mirror image of Deathstorm giving the two of them some great looking packaging for a face-off. It also means these two are completely different sculpts! Firestorm’s costume has some incredible details, especially on his torso. The red dots and white lines are all sculpted details.

Firestorm’s face is great. It’s smug and confident with his head being topped off with translucent orange plastic for fire. Ghost Rider would be proud. Articulation is the norm with him moving at the shoulders, neck and waist. His left arm is able to move just fine though.

The paint is impressive since the whole figure is painted, so Firestorm doesn’t suffer from the toy feel of being red and yellow like the Flash.

The only issue is that never of these guys get any cool accessories showing off their powers. A fireball or molecular hand attachment would have been awesome.

Deathstorm is a great figure in his own right and doesn’t need to be tied up in Blackest Night to be a good toy. But pairing together Deathstorm and Firestorm almost makes too much sense. I loved how they looked facing off in the packaging and that they’re mirrored pairs is great. But the continuity side of me just finds it odd that Mattel packed two of the same guy together! On the other hand, Mattel made toys for little kids based on Blackest Night and that’s so many different kinds of awesome.

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February 11th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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