DC Universe Action League Review: White Lantern Sinestro & Green Lantern Hal Jordan

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With the Batman the Brave and Bold Action League effectively dead, Mattel wasted no time in reviving the brand into a much grander line: the DC Universe Action League! Grabbing characters from multiple lines and not just those who showed up in a single cartoon, this new Action League is exceptional!

Packaging rarely gets mentioned here since toys are meant to be opened; I’ve got to say that the DC Universe Action League packaging feels unnecessarily oversized. The giant bubble and tray look like they could easily hold three or four figures and have a lot of empty space. If female characters ever get made, they’re going to look like a rip off in this packaging.

Green Lantern is in for a fight when Sinestro finds the White Lantern battery and is filled with the White Light of Life.

In a move that’s sure to anger a lot of Justice League Unlimited collectors, the first wave of the DC Universe Action League gives us their holiest of holy grails: Hal Jordan the Green Lantern! A character that was once ruined has finally been redeemed by Geoff Johns; Hal looks right at home in this style.

Cartoony and covered in overemphasized features, Hal fits in fine with the Action League of old. A few little touches set him apart, like the star abs but the block hands and round feet are still present and look fantastic. What’s really impressive is that all the detailing is sculpted in. His gloves, shoulders, boots, and domino mask – it’s all sculpted! The only details that aren’t are his Green Lantern insignias on his chest and ring.

Hal’s face has a smirk on it that is fitting for the character. He moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is impressively done. The figure is cast in green plastic, so all of his green is the same shade. His arms, sides and legs are painting in glossy black that add some nice visual contrast, while his gloves are flat white. His ring is bright green with a black decal on it, while his chest has a perfectly centered Green Lantern Core emblem.

Sinestro is the perfect figure for Hal to be packaged with (unless Mattel wanted to make a buddy pack with Green Arrow), but instead of being in his traditional Yellow Lantern or even classic costume, Sinestro is in his White Lantern outfit. Originally the best Green Lantern, Sinestro trained Hal Jordan in the Corps but was discharged for using his power ring to instill fear in others for control. Fast forward several decades, in the middle of Blackest Night, Sinestro became the White Lantern to combat Nekron.

First thing, Mattel really needs to figure out how big Sinestro should be. His original figure in DC Universe Classics was laughably undersized and this one goes the opposite direction: he’s as big and bulky as Hal! If Sinestro’s torso was a third smaller, he’d be perfect though.

All elements except the symbols are sculpted into Sinestro: the white gloves and boots, the black trim and the mask. The head sculpt looks great with a furrowed brow, the iconic widow’s peak and the pencil mustache. Sinestro moves at the shoulders, waist and neck too.

The paint isn’t quite as perfect as Hal’s but still looks really good. The silver parts of his costume are stunning and contrast beautifully but the white plastic just feels a touch too dirty. His skin tone is bright magenta and inconsistently applied, so be sure to check before buying. Sinestro’s power ring is on his left hand and has a perfectly applied decal but his chest emblem feels a touch too small.

Sinestro is still a great figure. Sure, the torso is too big and the plastic isn’t perfect, but he’s still well above average in the world of toys. Hal Jordan though is amazing. The smug look, the dynamic paint and wonderful sculpt make him worth grabbing for your own little Justice Action League. If only Mattel had included some constructs for these two figures.

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