TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Extreme Sports Raphael & Four-Armed Shredder

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It’s funny that the Shredder is as popular as he is since he’s only appeared once in the flesh in the original TMNT comics. After being killed in the first issue, the Foot Clan tried cloning his remains that often resulted in some very weird outcomes: like this four-armed creature.

While the packaging simply refers to this figure as “Shredder,” it’s clearly one of the three Shredder Elites. Originally clones made of Shredder in the comics, the three monsters make for excellent toys for two simple reasons: Shredder is awesome and monsters are awesome.

Four-armed Shredder looks great – like the love child of Shredder and Goro from Mortal Kombat, but that isn’t a bad thing. The skinny arms, oddly bulky torso and anatomically disturbing chest all make for a figure that doesn’t look human but definitely looks cool.

All the classic Shredder motifs are present, but warped in odd ways. The samurai styled helmet has a high face plate that covers everything except the eyes. The combat boots are bladed and massive, while each of the top hands comes with blades at the wrists.

Articulation is pretty good but not as good as it could be. Four-arms moves at the waist, neck, all four wrists and each shoulder. But the shoulder joints are connected so when the rip top arm moves, the left top arm moves too. It’s not that bad, but the lose joints make his arms fall constantly.

Clone Shredder’s paint is pretty bland. The figure is cast in a murky gray-blue and most of the figure is that color. His underwear is black along with his eyeholes, but armor parts like all four forearms and face are left unpainted.

The accessories though are definitely odd. The first wave of Mini Mutants was relatively normal, the second took the turtles back in time and now the third wave is sports themed. So Shredder comes with rollerblades from hell and a terrifying hockey stick. The rollerblades are covered in spikes, which seems fitting for anyone with Shredder’s fashion sense, and each feature five free-rolling wheels. They’re just cast in silver plastic and the figures are kept in place through pegs. The hockey stick is weird too since it’s double bladed. It’s not a bad weapon and can easily be case aside with minimal concern.

Raphael is back and near identical to his other releases. The only new part on this figure is the legs because Raphael is wearing some boots. Large and bulky with a turtle shell motif and horribly painted, the shoes at least are something new.

Everything else is more of the same. Raphael still moves at the legs, neck, shoulders and wrists. His paint is still okay and the sculpt is starting to fill me with disdain.

Instead of casting a new head for Raphael that had him wearing a helmet, Raph comes with his own little piece of plastic that barely stays on his head. It’s tiny, metallic red and seems to sit too high upon his head.

Ever since the one scene where the turtles were goofing off during a blackout, Raphael has been pegged as the roller skating turtle. So Raph gets his own pair of skates that aren’t terribly exciting and look way too big on his oversized feet. But both Raphael and the Shredder Clone can trade skates!

The other weapons in this pack include two brand new sai which actually look better than the first kind. The red handles are a nice touch, but the whole weapon feels about a centimeter too big. Raphael also comes with a plain hockey stick wrapped in electrical tape – making he think he borrowed it from Donny. It would be great to see these accessories used for Casey Jones.

I’d much rather get classic TMNT villains over random dinosaurs, even if that means sacrificing worthwhile turtle variants. Raphael doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table but his wheels spin, he’s got weapons and isn’t wearing his pajamas. But Clone Shredder is the big draw for me. He’s big, mean and can easily drop all the absurd hockey themed equipment and just be an awesome bad guy for any small toys to fight.

TMNT Mini Mutants Wave 3 – Extreme Sports
Raphael & Four-Armed Shredder
Michelangelo & Foot Elite
Leonardo & Jammerhead
Donatello & Baxter Stockman

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February 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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