TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Extreme Sports Donatello & Baxter Stockman

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I think Playmates has had it in for Baxter Stockman ever since he didn’t get turned into a fly in the new cartoon. So while he was one most prominent villains (and a bit of a running joke), Playmates either made whatever they wanted and called it close enough or just made whatever they wanted out of spite.

Supposedly this mechanical abomination is Baxter Stockman. But if it weren’t for the head, you wouldn’t ever know. Hell, if they changed the skin tone on the head you wouldn’t even know. Half man, half robot and half tricycle (yes, I know that adds up to one and a half) this figure is huge. He towers over Donatello and the other turtles for no apparent reason.

The sculpt is a mess with his armor being vaguely defined. His feet are wheels and he has odd parts sculpted on like a grappling hook backpack (that can’t be removed) and a coil of rope on his waist. His face is half covered in mechanical things while the other half looks nothing like the character.

Articulation is a whole bunch of oddities as well. Stockman kind of moves at the neck, and his shoulders, wrists and waist are all cut joints as well. His three wheels move as well.

The paint is odd too with it seeming like Playmates just randomly was throwing colors. The backpack is fuchsia while his rope is green. Even the periwinkle touches on his dull, gray armor make no sense. I honestly have no idea what they were thinking.

For accessories, Baxter comes with two mechanical scythes/mining pickaxes. They’re large, dull and barely fit in his hands correctly. When he holds them, he looks like a video game boss.

It makes a lot of sense for Donatello to be facing off against Baxter. They’re both mechanically inclined but what doesn’t make much sense is Donny’s attire. Since these are extreme sports figures, Donatello is wearing some two-toned purpled biking suit, but he manages to look better than Leo.

Most of Donatello is a new sculpt; only his hands and head look to be reuse. But some of the new sculpting makes little sense – like the line on his chest and back separating the two shades of purple. He also seems to be wearing ski boots with over the top knee pads.

Articulation is more of the same with Donatello moving at the neck, shoulders, wrists and hips. The paint is okay but the dark purple seems to be applied very thick making details easily to lose.

For accessories Donny comes with a way too short bo staff in inverted colors. He also has a helmet that actually stays on without issue! But his helmet looks oddly like a driving cap. To finish out his ensemble, Donatello comes with a regular BMX bike. Nothing is super crazy about it besides some turtle shell detailing on the seat and back rim. The front wheel moves (and comes apart easily) while the pedals stay put. The kickstand helps a lot too though. Color wise, it’s hideous with it being almost entirely metallic purple. Did Playmates forget that this toy line isn’t being marketed the same as My Little Pony?

Of all the wave three Mini Mutants figures, this paring makes the most sense. Baxter and Donatello go together so well. Sure, Baxter’s design makes no sense and probably wasn’t originally supposed to be him anyway. Donatello is decent and his bike is the best of all the pack-ins, but nothing about this pack makes me excited.

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Written by jestergoblin

March 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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