TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Extreme Sports Michelangelo & Foot Elite

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The TMNT Mini Mutants line was definitely an oddity when it appeared on shelves. It wasn’t quite in scale with the Hasbro Heroes lines and it also didn’t quite fit in with Mattel’s Imaginext toys. Instead, they were trapped in this weird in between world of odd scales, weird variants and somewhat random decisions.

Extreme Sports Michelangelo is much like his brother Raphael. From the waist up, he’s identical to his release with the Sewer Slider. The same spindly arms and odd proportions are still present. The only new sculpting is done on his legs, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Mikey is wearing a pair of bright orange kneepads that match his bandana, but the absence of elbow pads seems odd. Even weirder though are his shorts – which only cover his legs and not his lower waist. It’s like they come out from underneath his shell. Articulation is the same as always with Mikey moving at the shoulders, wrists, neck and hips.

There isn’t much to say about paint. The shade of green works well enough, the brown bandanas manage to stay in the lines and the oranges all match up.

For accessories, Michelangelo gets a pair of nunchaku with orange handles and a silver chain. It looks to be a new sculpt too. To protect his head, Mikey comes with an orange helmet that looks kind of like a driving cap but is way too easy to lose. There’s no good reason why it shouldn’t have been permanently attached to his head. His final accessory is supposed to be a skateboard but looks like it is part Hummer.

Bright orange (but a different shade from all the other orange on the figure), the whole thing just looks odd. It really looks like someone took a snowboard and just attached wheels to it instead of actually making a skateboard. The massive hoops that go over the feet make no sense, especially when these figures have holes in their feet! The large black wheels spin fine but the whole ensemble just looks off.

Since the Foot Clan seems to be oddly underrepresented in this line (that’s what happens when you use four of the bad guy spots on made up dinosaurs), a member of Shredder’s Elite Foot Guard has made the jump to shrink down. Originally in the comics, the Elite Foot disappeared from most versions of the Turtles’ canon until a sudden random appearance in The Next Mutation. It wasn’t until the 2k3 version when they returned as the best of the best in the Foot Clan.

So while this figure resembles one of the four Elite, he doesn’t evoke the same awe-inspiring kickass-ness of the 2k3 designs. Fairly monochromatic, the Elite is wearing some tight fitting garb that includes wrappings on the wrists and shins. His feet are wearing sandals over tabi, giving his toes the same appearance as the turtles. The elite even looks like he’s wearing a sumo wrestler’s mawashi. And on his head is a sugegasa! It’s like Playmates took everything they knew about Japanese clothing and threw it all together.

The face is covered with empty eyes peering out from underneath it. But his whole face is mostly hidden by a sugegasa that looks an awful lot like a manhole cover. Articulation is just at the neck, shoulders and wrists. The whole figure is cast in gray plastic and has white eyes with some weird purple details painted in.

Since both figures need to get some kind of “Extreme Sports” accessory, the Elite comes with a scooter. Cast in silver plastic with a single peg for locking the figure in place, it looks fine but makes absolutely no sense – especially considering the other accessory.

The Elite also comes with some weird futuristic gun that would have been right at home in the old Playmates TMNT line with someone like Mutagen Man or Scumbug. But the four Elite Foot mirrored the turtles and each had their own unique weapon like a double bladed sword, a trident, axe or spear. So any of those would have been great (and all four would have been excellent) but instead, the figure just came with a gun and a scooter.

The Foot Elite should be an army building figure since there are four of them, so including him with Michelangelo feels kind of weird. Mikey isn’t an awful figure, but the shorts weird me out. If you’re a huge TMNT fan, you’ll probably be disappointed in this pack and if you’re a casual fan, it just isn’t worth tracking down.

TMNT Mini Mutants Wave 3 – Extreme Sports
Raphael & Four-Armed Shredder
Michelangelo & Foot Elite
Leonardo & Jammerhead
Donatello & Baxter Stockman

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March 12th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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