TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Extreme Sports Leonardo & Jammerhead

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As the idea of a multiverse grew within the TMNT world, Playmates seemed to jump at the idea for one simple reason: it allowed them to completely ignore continuity. Characters from the original comic, Fast Forward and even stuff that was just made up for the toy line could be filed up different multiverses.

Extreme Sports Leonardo sets himself apart from his two brothers in two big ways. First off, most of his sculpt is new. Second, he has the decency to actually put on pants. Leonardo is wearing tight biker pants, a white tank top with his nickname on it (which is so tight his shell shows through). His hands are wearing fingerless gloves.

Leo’s legs are a mishmash of heavy duty boots and tight biker pants. The head are arms seem to just be reuse of his regular figure though. Leo moves at the shoulders, wrists, neck and legs.

The paint isn’t great since Playmates clearly cut some corners. The gloves, while sculpted to be fingerless, are solid blue. The paint on his legs and boots is so thick many details get lost too. Oddly, the tank top is also painted below the belt so it looks like he’s wearing clothes that don’t really fit.

For accessories, Leonardo comes with a pair of katanas with blue hilts that are a touch shorter than his regular blades. His helmet doesn’t really stay on his head either and doesn’t look like any helmet I’ve ever seen. Instead of giving him a normal vehicle like a scooter or bicycle, Leo comes with a skibike. It looks decent, but I have no idea why Leo would be using a winter time bike when he’s dressed like Cam from Modern Family. A minor frustration is that Leo doesn’t have his sheaths, so he either holds his swords or rides his bike, but not both.

Paired up with Leo is Jammerhead from Fast Forward, the failed experiment that didn’t work for the TMNT 2K3 series. Leader of the Street Phantoms who had technologically advanced cloaks that allowed them to become intangible. But Playmates didn’t include a cloak for this figure, so instead Jammerhead looks kind of weird and horribly oversized.

If Jammerhead weren’t crouching, he’d easily stand as tall as a G.I. Joe or Star Wars figure. Even with the awkward pose, he’s a full head taller than Leonardo. The whole sculpt is weird too. The wide stance and oddly bent arms make his articulation work poorly. Jammerhead moves at the creepily long neck, shoulders, wrists and waist.

Jammerhead’s vaguely futuristic design basically means having a head that resembles a coked-up hamster. The eyes are hidden behind mismatched goggles, while his hair must have taken hours to get just right. But his teeth are massive – Jammerhead looks like he could eat Leo’s head whole.

Attached to Jammerhead’s back and neck is a hose that can’t be removed. Either of his weapons, the technological hatchet or sword can have their handles plugged into it. It doesn’t do much, but it gives a sense that maybe they’re powered somehow. Since everyone needs a vehicle in this wave, Jammerhead comes with a purple snowboard that is about as poorly made as Mikey’s skateboard. The way his feet are made, he’s the only one who can even ride it – even though all these figures have foot pegs!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a multiverse for the Ninja Turtles. Between growing up with stores like City at War, Archie’s Forever War or the recent Turtles Forever, it’s a great idea. But of all the characters from Fast Forward to use, Jammerhead was probably one of the last ones I would think of. Neither of these figures are that great so this is an easy pass, even for turtle fans.

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March 16th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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