LEGO Ninjago Review: Ninja Ambush (2258)

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Having missed out on the undead scourge that destroyed the LEGO Castle world, I’m making sure that it never happens again. So I’m devouring Ninjago sets like they’re just as awesome as they actually are. Ninjas versus undead skeletons are about as awesome as anything can get.

Ambush the evil skeleton soldier and protect the golden scythe! As part of his training to become the Spinjitzu Master of Fire, Kai is sent into the bamboo forest by Sensei Wu to protect the Golden Scythe. Hit the button to launch a surprise attack on Bonezai before he steals it!

Continuing the theme of LEGO likes the idea of collecting various pieces – whether it is keys to Atlantis or weapons of an Egyptian, this set includes one of the four weapons of the First Master: the Scythe of Quakes. The scythe is made up of three golden pieces: a rod, a lightsaber-like hilt and a blade (which is really a tooth). It looks great perched atop an overgrown stone base.

Fighting over the Scythe of Quakes are Kai the Red Ninja and Bonezai. Kai is very similar to Cole, only his figure is cast in red plastic instead of black. His torso has a golden fire-lion head on it but his gi looks great and unique.

Once his mask is taken off, Kai’s face has a scar over the left eye and he looks pissed about it. For accessories, Kai comes with a red ninja mask and a silver katana that can be clipped in place by his mask.

Bonezai is one of the new undead skeletons. His design is new to me with and works a lot better than the older flimsy-armed versions. First up are the new legs that have large boots attached. They look kind of weird, but the old skeleton legs work just fine in their place. The arms are great since they’re swivels. They also have different connectors so he can have his hands facing forward or off to the side – it’s a solid little touch.

The redone torso actually has a front and a back now with vertebrae and a loin cloth in the front. The face is new too with red eyes looking in different directions and a crack on the right side of his head. It makes him look a tad crazy but adds some character. For a weapon, Bonezai comes with a bone axe made up of a white bone rod and a tarnished axe head.

The largest part of the built is an odd cross between a hiding spot and a catapult. Made up of mostly browns, the build has a neat effect of splitting the bamboo down the middle. The only odd part is that the base of the launcher is bright red.

The launcher works really well though. The holding area keeps the figure in place without him tumbling around and the actual launching works great with the figure being flung between 12 and 18 inches consistently. What I really like about the piece is how LEGO is introducing more and more technical parts to sets to give kids access to them. I remember being younger and only having one or two hinged bricks to use for secret rooms and escape exits.

The storyline of Ninjago (and the names of Ninjago Spinjitzu) don’t seem all that exciting to me. But color-coded ninjas with elemental powers is so simple a concept, I love it. The last time I got LEGO Ninja sets there were only black and gray ones so getting them in new colors is a blast. As for the skeletons, I’d prefer my undead to be more evil looking but it’s pretty obvious Bonezai is comic relief in the group. This is a solid set and a lot of fun for only $7.

Written by jestergoblin

February 25th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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