LEGO Ninjago Review: Ninja Training Outpost (2516)

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The newest theme in LEGO is an odd amalgam of parts. Part Feudal Japan in the form of ninja, part undead scourges invading, part tabletop game and part futuristic vehicles, Ninjago feels all over the place. But LEGO knows some people would be just fine with Ninja versus Skeletons so this line is only as absurd as you let it be.

Help Cole master the art of spinjitzu! A calm, steadfast and strong ninja, Cole spends much of his time mastering the spinjitzu element of earth. Help him learn to fight using all of the weapons in his collection so that when the time comes, he’ll be ready to take on the skeleton army!

The Ninjago ninja remind me a lot of Power Rangers. They’re color coded and work together as a team and seem to be able to transform into more powerful versions of themselves. First up is Cole, the black ninja of earth. He’s pretty close to identical to the Ninja from the first series of collectible minifigures with only some differences in paint.

Cole’s body is all black. His torso is painted with some little creases and an earth-dragon golden emblem tied in place. His belt is dark gray. Cole’s face is stoic and determined but otherwise fairly unremarkable.

For weaponry, Cole clearly is training to me a master at everything. This single set includes a bow and arrow, a spear, two knives and a black katana. To help with his archery, the set includes a build for a small target that’s well executed and looks great. The use of the small red rod for a bull’s eye is especially smart.

The other part of the training outpost is a simple red weapon rack on a gray platform. The base is rounded with bamboo growing out it. The red column has four clips for weapons to be stored which works surprisingly well. Hanging from the middle is a LEGO-made paper lantern than looks great, but the bottom peg really should be square.

An interesting design choice is the fact that the base has a peg and socket available for multiple training outposts can be connected to create a circular base. So if you really wanted a team of black ninja, they could assemble an impressive training area. A barrel and scorpion are also included but there isn’t any skeleton for Cole to challenge.

For a $5 impulse buy set, this is pretty great. With the blind packed collectible LEGO minifigures running at $3, this is a steal. The extra weapons, the well executed target for practice and even the outpost itself all combine to make this a great little set that includes plenty of unique pieces that any LEGO fan will find use for.

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February 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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