Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Spider-Woman

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Packing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman together almost makes too much sense. The only way this pack could be more absurd would be if it had been a black costume Spider-Man.

The original spider powered super hero!

Web shield Spider-Man is one of the newer variants of the webhead that actually works. Spidey doesn’t construct much out of webbing nowadays but for a while, he was making parachutes, gloves, backpacks and even weaponry. But this is a figure I’ve reviewed twice already.

The sculpt is still well done but a bit plain and Spider-Man moves at the shoulders and neck. There are two issues still though with the figure: the shield isn’t a removable accessory and the lack of a waist. Without a waist, he can’t really do much with his shield.

The new paint scheme gives Spider-Man metallic blue on his costume and that’s it. It’s not much of a change and works fine if you missed out on the Scarlet Witch two-pack.

Psychic crime-fighter!

Julia Carpenter is the second Spider-Woman who took up the mantle after Jessica Drew retired. Her costume looks a lot like Venom and the black symbiote but it actually was in the inspiration for Spidey’s black costume! Over the years, Julia spent time with the Avengers and later joined Omega Flight under the name Arachne. Now she’s taken over for Madame Web and isn’t doing much crime fighting.

A repaint of the second Spider-Woman figure, Julia looks decent for a repaint but a lot of little things don’t work quite right. Unarticulated, she’s posed with both hands shooting purple blasts – a power she doesn’t have. She can shoot psychic webbing, not venom blasts like Jessica.

Under her arms are translucent purple web wings, another aspect that isn’t true for this version of Spider-Woman. Even the hair sculpt isn’t right but it’s a close attempt at turning someone into somebody else.

The paint is decent but also has a few oddities. The high white boots and long gloves look good and the spider emblem wraps around her chest. But the biggest issue for me is the face. The large white eyes look vacant and far too round, while the crimson lips feel way too dark for her complexion.

This is the third instance of figures in this wave just being repaints of previously released figures. I will hand it to Hasbro that turning Spider-Woman into Spider-Woman makes more sense than most repaints but this is six repaints out of six figures! It’s a decent pack but only if you’re a fan of Julia Carpenter.

Super Hero Squad Wave 21

Thor & Hercules
Iron Man & Tiger Shark
Iron Man & Red Hulk
Spider-Man & Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

Written by jestergoblin

March 5th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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