Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man & Tiger Shark

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One big thing doesn’t make any sense about this pack: the pairing. I have no idea why Iron Man with a removable helmet would be battling a shark man who lives underwater. Makes the fight seem kind of one sided, doesn’t it?

Committed crook with shark strength!

Todd Arliss was Marvel’s version of Michael Phelps that debuted in ’68. An Olympic swimmer, Arliss was thrilled to win medals for one simple reason: it meant he could make millions in endorsements. But on the way back on a ship, a passenger fell overboard and Arliss dived in to save him – only to have his spine damaged. And in classic Marvel method, the only wave to cure him was by mixing his DNA with that of Namor and a tiger shark.

Over the years, Tiger Shark has gone from “a guy in a shark suit” to “a giant mutant shark,” (along with a dash of writers just randomly switching it up) and this figure is the giant mutant shark variety. Well, minus the giant part. When the figure was first shown off at the conventions, many people (myself included) thought he was going to be similar sized as Rhino since their poses looked very similar. Turns out we were wrong.

So while Tiger Shark is a bit smaller than expected, that isn’t the only oddity with the figure. His awkward articulation is near useless with cut joints at the wrists and waist, but given how close the figure’s arms are to his body, they can’t really move! His knees and forearms block each others’ way so don’t expect much movement.

Tiger Shark’s head looks great though, with a decent blend of shark and human. The face is grinning with sharp teeth, but he also has ears. The most impressive feature is his massive dorsal fin on his head and back. His three-fingered hands have massive claws that match his two-toed feet.

Tiger Shark’s black and yellow body suit is all sculpted for details. The paint isn’t too bad with the dull gray working well for his hide, and is contrasts nicely with his black and yellow wetsuit. One mistake though are the eyes, they should be black and red instead of white.

Armored leader of the Avengers!

Iron Man is another repaint of his removable-helmet-variant figure. Without the helmet, this figure is a great looking Tony Stark in armor. The sculpt is intricate and impressive, with many overlapping plates and rivets. Tony’s head looks great too with a slightly absurd looking beard that clearly takes too much time to maintain.

Both of Iron Man’s hands are palm out showing off his repulsors. For articulation, Iron Man moves at the shoulders and neck. His accessory is a helmet which still doesn’t work quite right and looks like a bucket when he wears it.

The big change though is the colors. The suit is now metallic red with gold details and shiny blue accents. The colors really evoke the imagery used in the Iron Man movie series and works well for that. All the paint on the figure looks great and the blue really pops against the other colors. But on the helmet, the blue eyes bleed a lot and look way too big.

Iron Man isn’t terribly exciting or even that good of a variant. Hasbro really needs to make a civilian Tony Stark or make a helmet that works for this figure. As for Tiger Shark, this is probably the least excited I’ve ever been for a mutant shark toy. He’s too small, he doesn’t really move and most importantly: he doesn’t look like Tiger Shark – he looks like the Shark from Green Lantern in a Yellow Lantern costume. Sure, that sounds fun but somehow this toy manages not to really be that.

Super Hero Squad Wave 21

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Iron Man & Tiger Shark
Iron Man & Red Hulk
Spider-Man & Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

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March 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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