Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

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He’s finally arrived! After four years of waiting and waiting for a comic accurate Green Goblin to show up in the Super Hero Squad, Hasbro finally released him stateside. Sure, some of the more crazy collectors (myself included) imported the Spider-Man Saves the Day set to get Norman Osborn and Mary Jane, but now he’s here!

Spider-hero out for revenge!

There is only one figure worthy of being paired up with Green Goblin and that’s Spider-Man himself! A repaint of his just-standing-there Black Costume, this Spider-Man takes the wave 14 figure and gives him the same paint scheme last seen in wave 10 with Ronin. Basically, he’s what was white is now silver and that’s the only change.

All details on the figure are sculpted with the exception of his now silver web shooters on the back of Spidey’s wrists. The spider emblem wraps around his torso, while his giant eyes stare out blankly. There isn’t much to say since I just reviewed this exact same figure.

Spider-Man moves at the neck and shoulders. His right hand is gripping while his left is making a webbing pose.

The web-slinger’s ultra-evil archenemy!

Norman Osborn is my favorite Marvel villain of all time. The outlandish costume theme, the genius mind and general insanity make him a blast to read about. But until now, the only Green Goblins available were either his odd movie costume or the cheap repaint of Hobgoblin.

Green Goblin looks great in his odd attire. Riding on his goblin-glider, he’s hunched over with a pumpkin bomb clutching in hand and a crazy grin plaster across his face. His satchel is on his back. His boots have the toe curling looking of a jester’s, while his gloves and hat match in appearance.

Green Goblin moves at the shoulders and neck and his glider is removable this time around! The glider looks great, like a mechanical bat with just a metallic charcoal paint covering. Oddly, the foot pegs are massive so only Green Goblin can ride the glider.

The paint used on the figure is different this time around too. The green is vibrant and the purple is a lighter shade – making him look a lot like his 90s cartoon appearance. The orange on his pumpkin grenade though is a tad on the light side, allowing a lot of the green plastic to show. My only minor quibble is that the eyes are just black and white instead of yellow.

It took forever to finally get the Green Goblin properly released, but now that he’s here – I still love him! Black costume Spider-Man isn’t terribly exciting but works fine as a minor variant. But what I really love is that Hasbro made the Goblin look different, so if you’re like me and have both of them, you can have a delightful father and son team up!

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Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

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March 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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