Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man & Red Hulk

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Part of me hopes someone at Hasbro reads this. Part of me hopes someone there doesn’t because I am enraged. And not just because this pack is simply two repaints.

Crime-busting armored Avenger!

Iron Man is wearing what used to be known as his “modern” armor but still hasn’t gotten an official name. This figure first showed up in the Armor Vault 3-pack, but it now has a brand new coat of paint to set it apart.

But to Hasbro, repainting Iron Man just means changing a shade of red and turning yellow to gold – and that’s all they did here. No weird variants like the Torpedo Armor or black and maroon Hulkbuster armor, Iron Man just is bright red and gold.

The sculpt is still fantastic with many overlapping pieces of armor. His pose is unique with both hands palms up blasting repulsors but his head is tucked in making it so it looks like he’s looking at the ground. The figure also feels bulky, but in a good way, like it’s actually a guy in a suit.

Articulation isn’t anything exciting with Iron Man moving at the shoulders and waist only. The figure I got came with a bent foot too, so standing is near impossible.

Mega-powerful red menace!

I have no issue with Hasbro taking the easy way out and making a Red Hulk that is just a repaint of the Hulk. It makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t make any sense is the fact that they picked one of the worst possible sculpts to repaint!

Ranting about the hunched over worthless hunk of plastic that is this toy is something I’ve done a few times already. But I will hand it to Hasbro, they didn’t end up making some wonky-eyed Red Hulk, the face on this one looks really good. It’s the arms and torso I have issue with because this isn’t a figure you can really play with.

Articulation is limited with only the neck joint being able to move freely. His waist is articulated but his lumbering arms prevent it from moving. The paint is minimal as well, with almost the entire figure being red. Only his shorts and hair are gray, along with his yellow eyes and white teeth. That’s it.

The biggest failure is how sloppy the figure looks. His right arm is covered shoulder to wrist in dried glue from where his arm got glued in place. I even ended up sanding off some of the excess gray paint slop as well.

Recently, the Red Hulk has become very popular for being little more than a palette swap of the Hulk. His storyline was fun but dumb and genius at the same time. But this toy doesn’t do him justice. This pack single handedly shows all the worst aspects of the Super Hero Squad: cheap repaints, poor figure design and awful quality control. At the end of the day, this pack just isn’t worth the $8.

Super Hero Squad Wave 21

Thor & Hercules
Iron Man & Tiger Shark
Iron Man & Red Hulk
Spider-Man & Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

Written by jestergoblin

March 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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